Chapter 1922: The Family of Four’s Trip to the United States (3)

"Well... I have something to tell you, but I'm not sure if I should or not." Jian Tong appeared to be in a difficult spot.

"Just tell me."

Su Yu had known her for years, so he didn't treat her like an outsider.

Although he didn't like her, he also didn't dislike her, since Jian Tong was very smart and never showed the scheming side of herself.

"As you know, our situation has become quite a hot topic, and my entire family thinks we're really dating... My grandma and grandpa flew in from southern China. My grandpa is almost eighty, and they are quite worried about my relationship status. Therefore, my mom has invited you over for dinner. Of course, I understand you're quite busy, dealing with a host of problems every single day, so if you can't make it, I understand. I'll just tell them you're on a business trip. Please don't feel pressured to go," Jian Tong said as she snuck a quick glance at Su Yu.

Su Yu appeared to be quite calm...

His relationship with Jian Tong was never real, and yet the Jian Family specially invited him over for dinner.

If this were before, he would rather die than go over for dinner.

However, hearing that her grandparents had flown in from the south and Jian Tong insisting that he could excuse himself made Su Yu feel quite guilty.

What he didn't know was that Jian Tong was using his sympathy to get him to have dinner at her house.

So, after thinking for a bit, Su Yu nodded. "Okay. When?"

"Tonight at 8:30 PM. At my house." Jian Tong was extremely happy.

"Okay, I got it. Let me finish my work first, and then I'll come to pick you up and we can go together."

"Thank you, President Su." Jian Tong couldn't control her excitement. With the twins and Huo Mian away, this was a golden opportunity for her.

She would definitely do anything she could to get Su Yu for herself. Once she slept with him, her future would be set.

Besides, Su Yu hadn't slept with anyone ever since he fell in love with Huo Mian four years ago.

Probably no one would believe this if they heard it, but Jian Tong knew it was true.

As she had been keeping tabs on Su Yu, she knew that he hadn't been seeing other women.

Su Yu's persistence when it came to love made her crazy about him.

Perhaps other girls wanted to date Su Yu because he was the President of Imperial Star, being at the top of wealth and power, but Jian Tong, one of China's most popular female celebrities, didn't care about any of that.

Her feelings toward Su Yu were similar to Mo Xue'er's feelings towards Huo Siqian; it was unrequited love.

"No problem. You can treat this as paying you back for pretending to be my girlfriend." Su Yu didn't treat this as anything serious.

However, that night, all the media outlets found out that Su Yu went to Jian Tong's home for dinner, causing an explosive reaction within the city.

First, it was the Su Family who would not accept Jian Tong at all costs, since they really thought their son was dating her. 

Then, it was Su Yu's fans that had the biggest reaction as they always wanted Huo Mian and Su Yu to end up together. Therefore, they were the first ones to leave hateful comments on Jian Tong's Weibo page.

They ended up starting a bloody comment war with Jian Tong's fans.

Su Yu meeting Jian Tong's parents also became the number one most searched topic on Weibo.

When the twins saw the news in the US, they became furious.

"Sis, this is not okay. We just left and Bimbo Jian's already created such a commotion. This woman is dangerous. I need to video call Handsome Su right now and scold him."

Little Bean was raging... much like an angry bird.

"Calm down. We are in the US and there's nothing we can do." Pudding was as calm as usual.

"Then what should we do? Should we just let that girl use whatever method she wants to seduce Handsome Su?" Little Bean puffed out her cheeks.

"No... Handsome Su can't be persuaded as he doesn't realize how much of a b*tch Jian Tong really is. However, I have an even better way of dealing with her." Pudding smiled mysteriously.

"Oh? What are you thinking about?" Little Bean leaned over and looked expectantly at her sis with a suck-up smile on her face.