Chapter 1921: The Family of Four’s Trip to the United States (2)

"Sis, are you stupid? Didn't you hear that when Mommy was pregnant with us, she had suicidal thoughts? We almost were killed before we even got the chance to take a look at this world... That was too close... we missed death by a thread when we were still in Mommy's womb," Little Bean jokingly explained.

Huo Mian: "..."

Qin Chu: "..."

"Don't worry about such useless things. Aren't we alive now? Plus, Mommy is obviously fine."

Compared to Little Bean, Pudding was a lot calmer. Even though she was still young, she understood that, over the past four years, Huo Mian's life had been difficult. Even though they lived a wealthy life, she still experienced a lot of physical and mental stress. An amount that far exceeded what a normal person could handle. Also, due to his own reasons, Qin Chu wasn't able to be by Huo Mian's side that entire time.

"That's enough, Qin Mumu. You can stop pretending now. If you continue, I will take away your drumstick." Huo Mian threatened.

"No." Little Bean was so scared, she picked up the drumstick and tightly held it in her hands.

This caused everyone to laugh...

Mr. Qin's words moved everyone, and Qin Ning's mentioning of the past caused everyone to feel sad.

Thankfully, Huo Mian was good at controlling her own emotions. She was able to calm down quickly and help ease everyone else's emotions.

After a delicious meal, the twins were feeling tired so Mrs. Qin took them upstairs for a nap.

Mr. Qin also took an afternoon nap while Qin Ning took Huo Mian for a walk in the garden, giving them time to chat. 

Qin Chu turned on his laptop in the study and began answering emails for the GK Headquarters in both the U.S. and China, giving Huo Mian a complete break from work.

- Inside the study -

Qin Chu's phone began to ring, and the caller ID looked familiar.


"Hey Qin Chu. It's Su Yu."

"Yes, I know." Qin Chu was as cold as always.

"I need to tell you about something."

"What's up?"

"The moment you guys left, Huo Siqian sent someone to follow you guys... My guess is that his people have already arrived in the US... You guys must be careful, be especially cautious of the twin's safety."

"Okay, I understand."

"Call me if you need me," Su Yu said.

"I will... thanks."

The conversations between them were always very simple. However, they both understood each other's intentions.

Upon Su Yu's men finding out about this, Su Yu became quite anxious.

He was worried that the twins and Huo Mian would be in danger as Huo Siqian was always focused on Huo Mian. Even over the past few years, he didn't show any signs of giving her up.

After hanging up, Su Yu was stilled worried and he didn't look so good.

"President Su, drink some water." An brought in a glass of water and placed it on his desk.

"An, Huo Mian and the twins will be fine, right?"

"They'll be fine. From what I've heard, Qin Chu is a very cautious person... he won't make any careless mistakes. Since Huo Siqian didn't get a chance to make a move here, in the US, it is even less likely for him to do anything since he's on Qin Ch's turf. Besides, Rick's family is also there, so Huo Siqian probably wouldn't dare to do anything reckless."

"I hope so."

Although the words were convincing, Su Yu still did not feel reassured.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door

"President Su." Jian Tong walked in wearing a wine-coloured cashmere coat.

An quietly exited the room.

Jian Tong and Su Yu were still a hot topic. Even Mo Xue'er's scandalous revelations failed to impact Jian Tong's face.

Instead, after a picture of Su Yu and Jian Tong eating together was taken and exposed, everyone thought that Su Yu trusted in Jian Tong, which caused her to continue to rise in stardom.

"Do you need something?" Su Yu said without even lifting his head. He was still in a bad mood because of Huo Siqian.