Chapter 1920: The Family of Four’s Trip to the United States (1)

"Dad... please# I'm not all that..." Huo Mian quickly walked up and helped Mr. Qin up.

"No, I need to show you how grateful I am."

"Dad, we are family. Saying thank you is too much, really. Please stop this, if you keep acting like this, I'll feel sad."

Huo Mian also became quite emotional, and she continuously tried to persuade Mr. Qin to stop.

"Wow. Grandpa is quite emotional," Little Bean exclaimed on the side.

"Shut up. This is an extremely emotional moment, can you please not speak?" Pudding didn't know what to do with her sister.

"Honey, please talk to Dad. I don't know what else to do..." Huo Mian turned her head and looked at Qin Chu with pleading eyes.

However, Qin Chu also said, "Mian, you really are the savior of our family."

"You..." Huo Mian felt exasperated.

She wanted to ask her husband for help, but he ended up siding with his own dad.

"Mian, just let him speak. He's been sick for a long time and rarely talks too much. Since he wants to speak, just let him," Mrs. Qin said as she dried her eyes.

The atmosphere in the room was touching and melancholic. 

Tears welled up in Qin Ning's eyes as well as she looked at Huo Mian. "Sis-in-Law, I have very high standards and have never admired anyone in my life. However, I really admire you. You and my brother have been together for a long time and you never thought of leaving him despite everything that happened. Even when everyone else gave up and thought he was dead, you didn't give up hope. Previously, I thought your love was only possible in novels, but you showed me otherwise... You are also only twenty-something and your calmness is your shield. I'm sure deep down, it was tough for you as no one else knows how much pain you had to go through these past four years. I checked your hospital records in China and found that you suffered depression during your pregnancy, and you even had suicidal thoughts, right?"

Qin Ning's bluntness made Huo Mian speechless.. she felt extremely awkward from her sudden remarks.

"Ah... that's quite normal. Many pregnant women go through that... and as it was my first time giving birth, I was also pretty scared," Huo Mian laughed while explaining, trying to appear at ease.

"Mian... this is the one thing I feel the most guilty about... If something happened to you, I don't think I would still be alive today..." Qin Chu was aware of Huo Mian's depression.

When Qin Ning found out about this and told him, Qin Chu just had surgery on his legs and couldn't move.

At the time, he really wanted to see Huo Mian. However, he knew that seeing Huo Mian when he was unable to even walk would just make Huo Mian more worried and restless.

Qin Chu struggled with the thought countless times, and in the end, while suppressing the pain, he decided to not go back.

In the end, using his own willpower, he quickly healed his injured legs.

However, he knew that during Huo Mian's pregnancy, she was walking on the line between life and death, so he felt extremely grateful towards Su Yu. If the Su Family didn't help her, Huo Mian and the twins would've died a long time ago.

"Honey, the past is in the past. Let's not talk about it anymore. It's so heartbreaking to see both Mom and Dad cry. Let's talk about something happier... Dad, please sit down. There's still plenty of time for us to talk."

Huo Mian finally couldn't control her tears and began to cry too as she helped Mr. Qin back down in his chair.

At this moment, Little Bean began to cry...

"Little Bean, why are you crying? You scared me." Pudding glared at Little Bean.