Chapter 1919: My Auntie’s Name Is Qin Ning (10)

"What... of course not. I like Grandpa so much, why would I trick him? Grandpa, don't listen to her. She's always grumpy and it's so annoying. To be honest, I'm the one that is loved by everyone. Everyone we meet always adores me more."

"Hahaha, I bet both of you are adored and loved by the masses."

Mr. Qin was so entertained by the twins that he couldn't stop laughing.

On the table was an extremely extravagant feast. The Qins prepared a lot of Chinese dishes, worried that the twins might not be used to western cuisine.

It had also been a long time since Mrs. Qin cooked Chinese food.

On the table, Huo Mian also noticed enormous crabs, lobsters, abalones, and other seafood.

It made her feel extremely warm inside...

"Mom... thank you for cooking and remembering that I like seafood." Huo Mian was touched.

"Don't say thank you, we're family. Come here and eat whatever you like, Mian." Mrs. Qin continuously put some food in Huo Mian's bowl like she was her own daughter.

It seemed as if everything that happened over the last four years had no effect on her.

"Sister-in-law.. you and my brother have been together for so long yet this is your first time visiting us. I'm going to take you around and visit all the landmarks. My big brother lived here for a long time and has been to most places, but you and the twins haven't yet."

"Sounds great!" Not waiting for Huo Mian to reply, Little Bean nodded her head energetically.

The atmosphere around the dinner table was very festive. Due to Mr. and Mrs. Qin being worried that the twins wouldn't be used to eating at their home, they continuously put food in their bowls, wiped their mouths, and gave them juice.

The twins were experiencing extremely high-class service...

It was rare for Mr. Qin to be this happy, so he opened a bottle of red wine and drank it with Qin Chu.

After a few cups, Mr. Qin became more talkative as well.

Holding his glass, he looked at Huo Mian and slowly opened his mouth. "Mian... I have a few things I've been wanting to tell you for a long time, and now I finally have the chance."

"Dad... go on."

Huo Mian really admired Qin Chu's father. She thought he was a very wonderful father, and he was also a reliable person that many people trusted. 

In China, GK was considered a powerful family business; one that Qin Yumin built from scratch.

Qin Ning, Qin Chu, and Mrs. Qin all glanced toward Mr. Qin.

The twins' eyes were also focused on Mr. Qin as well, listening to what their grandpa had to say.

"When we said farewell last time, I didn't expect that we would part for four whole years. The entire family fell into despair when the news came over that you were sentenced to death, especially knowing that you did it to save Chu. We felt especially guilty when we found out that you were pregnant because we were unable to do anything to help. Our family is so sorry that we forced you to take all this pain over the past few years..."

"Dad... let's not talk about this. The Qin Family didn't do me wrong. I was willing to take on the blame for Qin Chu because he is my husband. Everything I have done is worth it. Also, in that situation, taking on the blame was the best solution because I knew Huo Siqian wouldn't let me die and that if I was sentenced to death, he would definitely try and save me. You don't have to feel bad about what happened," Huo Mian reassured him patiently.

"Even if you say so, the truth is that you stayed by Chu's side through every crisis. You were even willing to give up your own life to save him."

"He also gave up his life to save me before... We have been putting each other before ourselves for a long time, Dad."

After saying this, Huo Mian and Qin Chu unconsciously held each other's hand under the table.

"Our family also owes a lot to the Su Family. When we go back, we'll definitely thank them. However, you are really the savior of our family. Even in that situation, you were able to protect the kids, allowing me to meet my granddaughters in my life. Now I am able to die in peace."

After he finished speaking, Mr. Qin stood up and bowed deeply at Huo Mian.

He sincerely thanked her for saving Qin Chu, for protecting their kids, for saving the family business, for giving birth to the twins alone, and for raising the twins up herself...

At this moment, Huo Mian was their family heroine...

Mr. Qin's actions took Huo Mian by great surprise...