Chapter 1916: My Auntie’s Name Is Qin Ning (7)

"Oh# Pudding# why are you asking me this?"

Qin Ning really didn't expect that her niece would ask her this question upon meeting for the first time.

This was a question even her father wouldn't ask her.

"Of course I have my own reasons. Just tell me if you have one or not."

"I don't#"

"Really? So# you don't even have someone you're interested in?"

"Someone I'm interested in#?" This question definitely gave Qin Ning a pause.

"Sis# why are you trying to be discreet# Just ask Auntie Qin if she has a bedmate or lover#" Little Bean said bluntly.

"A bedmate or lover#?" Qin Ning's face suddenly turned red. She was definitely not prepared for this.

"Auntie Qin, you don't have to be embarrassed. We are aware that the US is more open on these things and since you grew up here, you must have been influenced by the culture. Even if you don't have a boyfriend, you must have a lover. We won't look down on you as the two countries' views on this matter are different."

"Wait a minute# Where did you guys hear all this from?" Qin Ning felt helpless.

"Don't try to avoid the question, Auntie Qin. Do you have one or not?" Pudding continued relentlessly, trying to find out about Qin Ning's love life.

"It's okay to have one..." Little Bean covered her mouth and helped Qin Ning answer.

"But# I don't." Qin Ning felt completely helpless now.

"That's good. Don't worry, we were just wondering."

Pudding patted her aunt on the back of her hand, trying to comfort her#

Little Bean: "Auntie Qin, you're so pretty! It's such a waste that you're still single."

Pudding: "This is called loving herself, alright?"

Little Bean: "Then won't she die a virgin?"

Qin Ning: "#"

At this moment, Pudding's phone rang# It turned out to be a video call.

Pudding looked down and saw the caller ID. Her lips immediately curled up.

Then, she picked up the call#

"Hi, Handsome Su."

"Handsome Su, why didn't you call me instead?" Little Bean stuck her head into the video call frame.

"Oh# aren't you two together? Does it matter who I call?" Su Yu replied, slightly surprised.

"Of course it does! You calling Sis means you care about her more. Hmph, you're picking favorites."

"Okay# I'll call you next time. We'll take turns okay?" Su Yu coaxed Little Bean.

"Pudding, have you guys arrived? I was worried about you guys."

"We just arrived."

"Long-distance flights are really tiring, aren't they?" Su Yu immediately rushed into his office after the meeting to give the twins a call.

When he heard the twins were going to the US, Su Yu felt quite sad. Ever since they were born, Su Yu had been by their side every day, and even after Qin Chu came back, he saw Pudding and Little Bean at least twice a week. 

However, now that the entire family went to the US for vacation, Su Yu felt quite depressed, knowing he wouldn't be able to see them for a while.

"It wasn't tiring. Daddy took great care of us and Mommy on the entire flight," Pudding replied.

"That's good# Are you guys on your way home?"

"Yes. Auntie Qin came to pick us up. Wait, let me introduce you guys. This is my Auntie, Qin Ning." Pudding introduced formally as she immediately turned her cell phone towards Qin Ning#

"Hi# Nice to meet you," Qin Ning smiled lightly and said in fluent Chinese.


Su Yu remembered meeting her four years ago but their encounter obviously didn't leave a deep impression on him.

Today, after Pudding's formal introduction, he finally saw that she looked a lot like Qin Chu.

She looked clean and without makeup. Qin Ning had a perfect egg-shaped face and a very cute smile that made her stand out from the masses. 

"Handsome Su, isn't my Auntie beautiful?" Pudding asked bluntly.

Pudding's words caused both of them to become awkward again.

(TL Note: I don't think Su Yu would get together with Qin Ning, or else going to bed would be like sleeping with Qin Chu)