Chapter 1886: What Goes Around Comes Around (7)

"Sure, what do you want to talk about, Pudding?" Su Yu picked up a bottle of water and looked at Pudding's face with amusement.

"Don't look at me like that, I'm being serious!" Pudding said, a little unhappily.

"I'm being serious too!" Su Yu laughed.

"Break up with Bimbo Jian, as soon as you can."

"Ha, why?" Su Yu asked, not at all angered by Little Bean and Pudding's nickname for Jian Tong. He actually found it funny; after all, he was a smart guy, and he knew what kind of person Jian Tong was.

"Because we don't like her, is that a good enough reason?"

"Why else?" Su Yu asked with a smile.

"Great Grandpa Su and Grandpa Su don't like her either, no one in the family likes her," Pudding insisted.

"Anything else?"

"Also# Mommy doesn't like her either," Pudding said quietly.

"How do you know your mommy doesn't like her? Did she say something?" Su Yu asked, immediately intrigued.

"She did."

"What did she say?" Su Yu probed.

"Mommy said# Bimbo Jian is too manipulative and not good enough for you. She also said Handsome Su's too outstanding and perfect."

"You've got to be kidding me, your mom would never talk about me that way," Su Yu said, rolling his eyes.

"Forget about what Mommy said, she just doesn't like her, okay? You have to break up with her."

"Pudding, you're a good girl, right? Why are you guys so nervous, it's not like I'm going to marry her#"

"I know you're not, you're just uncomfortable because of Daddy's return and don't want Mommy to feel pressured, so you randomly used the first girl you saw as a shield#" Pudding analyzed calmly.

"Ahem, can you not be so smart? You need to leave me with some face, I feel really awkward right now, haha."

"Handsome Su, listen to me and leave that woman, okay? I have someone better for you, alright?"

Upon seeing Su Yu's refusal to agree to her demand, Pudding decided to talk an alternative route 每 wooing and cooing.

"You have someone better for me...?" Su Yu repeated, feeling a little speechless.

"Come here and I'll tell you." Pudding gestured to Su Yu mysteriously, and the latter choked back laughter as he moved up to her.

"You know how powerful the Qin Family's genes are, right? My daddy's super attractive, so Little Bean and I are pretty as well."

"So?" Su Yu asked.

"So there's another really pretty girl in the Qin Family who isn't married yet. Trust me, she's really good for you," Pudding said with an extremely serious expression.

"Uh, are you talking about Qin Ning?"

"You know my auntie?" Pudding opened her eyes wide in surprise.

"The problem is there's a limited number of people in the Qin Family, and she's been here before. I think I've met her#"

"That makes things even easier!" Pudding smiled.

"I don't think she's of legal age yet, is she?" Su Yu asked.

"What are you talking about? My auntie is at least 24 and a half years old, I'll know more after I ask Daddy#"

"Pudding, listen to me though. I don't like your auntie, can you not try to set us up?"

"So you think my auntie is not better than Bimbo Jian?" Pudding demanded unhappily.

"That's not what I mean, I just don't like being set up. I know what to do with Jian Tong, and things aren't like what you think they are. Tell your mommy not to worry about me, and that she should be with your daddy without feeling pressured, alright?"

"So Handsome Su, you still love my mommy, don't you? You can't let her go, so neither Bimbo Jian nor my auntie can make you fall in love, right?"

"Pudding, this topic is too deep#" Su Yu turned his head away a little awkwardly.

"Just tell me if you can give up on my mommy, okay?" Pudding demanded.