Chapter 1885: What Goes Around Comes Around (6)

"Haha, of course I can! Pudding is a cold and indifferent kid. She's always so calm and expressionless# Little Bean is a cute foodie who's really good at sucking up to other people. I can tell them apart just by looking at their expressions," Huo Mian said with a chuckle. She couldn't help herself from laughing when talking about the twins.

"Haha, you win#" Xixi also burst out in laughter.

- At the same time, at the golf course -

After playing golf, Su Yu and Tang Chuan brought the twins to the lounge for some snacks.

"Come on, Bro, why would you bring them here to play golf with me? We can't get anything done," Tang Chuan complained.

"What didn't you get done? Uncle Tang, your tongue might swell if you keep saying bad things about other people," Little Bean retorted.

"It won't, I have a very functional tongue#" Tang Chuan said, purposely annoying the twins.

"Little Bean, don't talk to him. Mommy said# people who aren't on the same level shouldn't talk to each other, because we're not on the same frequency. He won't understand what you're saying, because our brains are better than most#" Pudding said calmly, slowly sipping her orange juice. She sat beside Su Yu, looking like a proud princess.

"Tsk tsk, are you implying that my brain's not smart enough?"

"Of course I wasn't implying it, I was saying it outright."

"Hahaha! No wonder my sister said that your brain doesn't work well. You really need to work on your IQ, could you be the legendary landlord's stupid son?!" Little Bean broke into rabid laughter. (TL Note: basically an idiom for rich family with really stupid kids that were spoiled.) 

Upon hearing this, Tang Chuan almost spat out the water in his mouth, and Su Yu couldn't help but laugh hysterically.

"God, the twins are turning into monsters! Su Yu, you should stay away from them, or else they're going to get to you one day#"

"No we won't, we treat Handsome Su like a God," Little Bean immediately sucked up.

Pudding picked up the orange juice she was just drinking and passed it to Su Yu. "Handsome Su, this orange juice is really good, do you want to try some?"

"Sure." Su Yu couldn't allow himself to say no in front of such an adorable and gentle Pudding.

"Pudding, Uncle Tang wants orange juice too," Tang Chuan said on purpose.

"Sure, 1,000 yuan please," Pudding said, reaching out her hand.

"You want me to pay?" Tang Chuan pouted.

"Of course, you always leech off of other people for food, and I'm not as generous as Handsome Su. I can't bring myself to spoil you," Pudding said matter-of-factly.

"I snack on Su Yu's food because he's rich!" Tang Chuan argued.

"You make it sound like you're poor. Why didn't you think of Handsome Su when you were buying your girlfriend a Porsche? Uncle Tang, you're going to lose friends if you talk like that," Little Bean said in all seriousness.

"I was wondering why my right eye kept twitching this morning, I knew something bad was going to happen! You really need to respect your elders."

"How can we if you don't even respect yourself?" Little Bean retorted.

"Su Yu, do something! They're reigning hell over me!"

Su Yu didn't respond; he turned around and looked at the twins lovingly. "Are you guys hungry? Do you want to go get some food or play some more?"

Just then, Pudding signaled Little Bean, and the latter immediately stood up. "Uncle Tang, tell me how you play golf so well!"

"Wow, now you guys are thinking about me? After bullying me just now?" Tang Chuan snorted.

"Come on, are you going to teach me or not? Don't tell me your skills suck too much for you to teach me," Little Bean provoked.

"Bull! Come with me, let me show you what a true golf master is made of#" Tang Chuan immediately stood up, and Little Bean followed behind him.

Before leaving, she signaled 'OK' at Pudding.

After the two of them left, Pudding glanced at Su Yu with an adorable expression on her face. "Handsome Su, we need to talk."

Su Yu looked at Pudding's cute face and felt like his heart was going to melt#