Chapter 1881: What Goes Around Comes Around (2)

"Her identity is the woman who I've liked for many years," Su Yu said, word for word.

"Then, of course, I want you to date# I don't want you to die alone."

"Okay, I understand, thank you for saying all this to me," Su Yu said. Then, he turned around, feeling depressed. He does this every time 每 demanding Huo Mian for some kind of answer and feeling disappointed and devastated when he hears one from her.

Wei Liao once said that he was always looking to kick himself in the nuts#

After Su Yu left, Huo Mian went back to hang out with Ni Yang and Chen Jie for a little while longer, chatting with them as she waited for Qin Chu.

Downstairs, Qin Chu just bought a pack of cigarettes and was about to put one in his mouth when# he heard the sound of footsteps echoing behind him.

He swiftly turned around to see a man he didn't know walk up to him; the man was wearing a black baseball jersey and cap and was holding a shining knife in his hand.

He aimed the knife at Qin Chu#

The latter reacted fast and immediately moved away 每 the man's movements revealed that he was a pro.

Upon seeing that he had failed in his first attack attempt, the man lunged again; he purposely chose a remote location to attack because that was the only chance he had to kill Qin Chu before it drew any attention. 

Qin Chu spat out the cigarette in his mouth and punched the man right back.

The man seemed to have come prepared; he was strong, and Qin Chu had to carefully avoid his attacks. He knew that every stab of the knife was capable of killing him.

Over the last four years, Qin Chu took combat lessons in addition to physical therapy. He knew how to protect himself in the past, but now he was closer to being an expert. 

That was why he was confident enough to leave the house with Huo Mian without bodyguards#

As the man once again stormed towards him, Qin Chu reached out to pull out his gun, pointing it at the man, who froze as soon as he saw what was in Qin Chu's hand.

"Who sent you here?" Qin Chu demanded icily.

The man remained silent.

"Huo Siqian?" Qin Chu probed.

Upon hearing Huo Siqian's name, the man charged towards Qin Chu as if he had gone mad.

Qin Chu pulled the trigger# His gun had a custom-made silencer, so the shot was made without a sound and didn't attract anyone's attention. 

The bullet went right through the man's wrist, and the knife fell onto the ground with a crisp 'clang'.

The man was just about to reach out and pick the knife up with his other hand when Qin Chu walked up and stepped hard onto his wrist.

"Agh#" The man moaned in pain.

Qin Chu slowly bent down and picked up the knife on the ground. "Huo Siqian sent you here to kill me?"

"Don't try to get any information out of me. If you want to kill me, just kill me. But, you're too big of a character to get rid of me yourself, since you're worth so much more than I am," the man snorted.

"Huo Siqian doesn't know you're here to kill me, does he?" Qin Chu asked slowly as he played with the knife.

Upon hearing this question, the man's expression faltered slightly 每 it seemed like Qin Chu guessed right.

"But you came alone to kill me just to demonstrate your loyalty to your master, I respect that. Don't worry, I won't kill you."

The man looked at Qin Chu with surprise, not sure what the latter was going to do.

"But# I don't plan on letting you off so easily#" Then, Qin Chu pierced the knife right into the man's palm#

The man bit down on his teeth, not making a sound; blood spluttered out of his hand like a broken tap, and he was in so much pain that he immediately began to sweat.

He looked at his bleeding palm# That feeling# was worse than death...