Chapter 1879: Provoking Huo Siqian (10)

He had a good reputation in the entertainment industry because he was hardworking#

A lot of his fans loved and respected him.

Even though GK no longer run an entertainment company, it didn't mean that Ni Yang didn't have someone powerful to support him.

Even though Ni Yang signed with Imperial Star, Huo Mian still treated him the same.

"Honey, can you investigate the girl and her family for me#"

Huo Mian didn't even finish her sentence when they all heard the room door being opened.

It was Su Yu...

It was 11:20 PM. This was such a sudden incident that the reporters didn't know anything about it yet; this meant that Su Yu was incredibly quick to hear about what happened. 

"President Su#" Ni Yang was surprised to see him.

"I heard you were hurt. How do you feel? Is the injury serious?"

Su Yu was in white Versace leisure clothing. Behind him was An, who didn't say a word.

"It's nothing serious. The left side of my face was scratched but the doctors said I'm not going to scar," Ni Yang responded.

"That's great news. I've already investigated that group of girls who attacked you and the company is suing them# You will be represented by our legal team so just relax and rest#" 

"What# already?" Huo Mian was just about to start investigating but Su Yu had already sued them.

"Thank you, President Su. I've caused you trouble." Ni Yang felt ashamed because he had caused so many people trouble so late at night.

"You're welcome. You are my employee so I'm just doing my job."

Su Yu had always treated his artists well but he treated Ni Yang even better. It was probably because of Ni Yang's relationship with Huo Mian.

Everyone knew about this...

"Since you're already handling it, I won't do anything. It's best that your company deals with it. Just do what is right, whether it's locking them up, making them pay for damages, or issuing a public apology#" Huo Mian said.

"We don't need their money. Imperial Star doesn't need money. We will wreck that woman!" Su Yu had always been a very domineering person. 

"I agree." Huo Mian was relieved to know that these crazy fangirls would be punished.

It's an awful thing that a girl would just sabotage her idol after she didn't get her way with her obsessive harassment.

This girl wasn't going to be left off the hook so easily, otherwise, there would be more instances like this in the future.

Then, Su Yu turned around, looked at Huo Mian, and said, "Come with me, I need to talk to you."

Huo Mian looked at Qin Chu as if she was telling him not to overthink this action.

Qin Chu was very calm though. "Go. I was just about to go downstairs and buy a pack of cigarettes."

Then, Qin Chu quickly left the room#

Huo Mian walked out with Su Yu#

Ni Yang stayed in the patient room, looking dumbfounded#

"An# How did President Su know about my incident?" 

"Someone recorded what happened, it seems like they wanted to sell the video to some media company but that media company's president is friends with President Su. When they saw that you were in the video, he immediately called President Su and President Su stopped the news from leaking# You have two TV shows planned for next month so we can't afford negative exposure at this critical time."

"Oh# I really should thank President Su." Ni Yang nodded.

"Does it still hurt? Do you want me to place a hot towel over it?" Chen Jie looked worried as she lightly touched Ni Yang gauze-covered face.

"It doesn't hurt at all# I'm not a weak woman# You've already been running around the whole night. Hurry up and go and get some rest."

Ni Yang picked up Chen Jie's hand and kissed it#

An and Ni Yang's assistant were both guys. They felt awkward when they had to witness this scene so they turned their heads around.

- In the hallway - 

"What is it, Young Master Su?" Huo Mian asked jokingly.