Chapter 1871: Provoking Huo Siqian (2)

"Okay, I'll admit that Little Bean called me, but don't you think you're acting like a stepmother? Who in the world would punish a three-year-old like that#"

"She did something wrong so she's being punished. It has nothing to do with how old she is. I also didn't hit her. All I did was tell her to reflect on her behavior."

"Don't you think that sh-t hole warehouse of yours might scare Pudding?" Su Yu felt bad for Pudding.

"Don't underestimate the little Qin Mumu. She's a very strong person and she can handle a lot of stress and pressure."

Huo Mian didn't know how to deal with Qin Chu and Su Yu as they were both begging for mercy for Pudding.

They treated her like she was the one that had done something wrong#

Why would they be so biased? 

"I don't agree with how you are treating her#" Su Yu was angry.

"Then what do you want?"

"Let her go now or else I'll tell Grandpa."

"Su Yu, you shameless bastard#" Huo Mian was infuriated.

She was trying to teach her own kid a lesson but Su Yu was about to tattletale on her to Grandpa Su.

Grandpa Su loved and spoiled the twins and if he found out, Huo Mian would for sure get into trouble. 

"Yes, I'm shameless but you're torturing your kid# There's no room for negotiations. If you don't let Pudding out in an hour, then# hmph#"

"Su Yu, don't tell Grandpa Su. I'll tell the butler to let her go."

Then, Huo Mian hung up the phone. She was still furious. 

Then, she called Uncle Li to open the door but Uncle Li said Pudding locked herself in.

Huo Mian was so mad that she ordered Uncle Li to find a locksmith to unlock the door.

She would deal with her later when she got home from work#

- South Hill Manor -

Uncle Li followed Huo Mian's orders and opened up the door to the warehouse.

Only when Pudding saw that the lock was broken did she slowly walk out#

"Ms. Pudding, are you okay?"

"Grandpa Li, I'm fine."

"Sis# You finally came out# You really should thank Captain Su," Little Bean grabbed her sister's hand and said.

"What's it got to do with him?"

"If I didn't tell him what happened, you wouldn't have been able to get out so fast!" 

"It was none of your business# Who needed his help anyway?"

Pudding seemed to still be mad at Su Yu. She turned her head and stomped away.

"Hey# You can't be so ungrateful. Handsome Su asked that you video call him once you got out."

"I don't want to," Pudding refused.

"Then you don't want his WeChat red pocket either?"


"Handsome Su said he's going to take us to the golf course tomorrow."

"I'm not going."

"Then you're giving up on Handsome Su? That's great. Then, Handsome Su can be all mine now and no one is going to fight over him with me. Haha#" Little Bean seemed to be happy.

Pudding stopped and looked back. She said, "You would have to deal with Bimbo Jian first."

Little Bean was speechless. 

- GK Headquarters -

After Huo Mian got off the call with Su Yu, she began delegating work across all departments while Yang showed Qin Chu around. 

It had been a long time since Qin Chu was in the office and he felt an old sense of familiarity in this place - this was the empire his father and uncle created from scratch.

"President Qin, has your leg not fully recovered?"

Yang felt sorry when he saw Qin Chu's right leg#

"It's much better now# It doesn't affect my ability to walk but I can't do heavy exercises#" Qin Chu chuckled.

"It's going to get better for sure#"

"It's okay# I'm fine with my current situation. There are a lot of challenges in life and you just need to learn to give and take# I'm back now and I'm happy that I still have my wife and kids."

"President Qin, I wanted to ask you# What would you do if President Huo and President Su got together when you came back? You did disappear for four years# We all thought you were#" Yang paused.

Qin Chu slowed down his footsteps too# The look in his eyes deepened.