Chapter 1870: Provoking Huo Siqian (1)

"Your mommy threw Pudding's phone onto the floor as well?" Su Yu was astonished as he had known Huo Mian for quite some time now but never had he seen her so mad that she would smash a phone onto the ground. 

"It's true# Mommy threw the phone onto the ground# My sister was so scared that she cried# Mommy is really mad and she scolded my sister for being so spoiled# Mommy said that my sister has princess syndrome and that she's wasting money she didn't make by throwing stuff# Mommy almost kicked my sister out of the house#" 

"Where's Pudding now?" Su Yu asked, a little worried.

"She's in the small warehouse here at South Hill Manor. Mommy told her to reflect on her behavior, and my sister isn't allowed to eat lunch#"

"No way# that's way too harsh."

"Yeah# Daddy and Grandma both tried to help Pudding but Mommy just wouldn't listen# You know that my mommy holds the highest authority at home#" Little Bean said.

"Then can you hurry and give Pudding your phone so I can talk to her#" Su Yu urged, wanting to check up on Pudding. 

"She's not opening the door. There's nothing I could do about it. She's as stubborn as a donkey#"

"Um# What should we do? Then why don't I send her a WeChat message#" Su Yu was a bit anxious.

"Handsome Su, did your IQ drop? I already told you Mommy threw my sister's phone onto the floor so Pudding doesn't have a phone right now#" Little Bean reminded him.

"Look at your IQ# It's worse than a three-year-old." Wei Liao laughed.

"Shut up# It's not the time to joke around. I don't know what to do about Huo Mian# She actually locked Pudding up# Is she a stepmother#" Su Yu was rather angry.

"Little Bean. Don't worry. I'll call your mom now and put things straight with her."

"Don't! If you call her now, then she'll know I told you! Do you want to throw me under the bus? There's already one shut in that tiny warehouse of ours, do you want me to be locked up too?"

"But# What can we do now#?" Su Yu was also clueless.

"I think you could call Mommy and pretend that you want to take us out# Maybe then Mommy will spit the truth out#"

"Great# Just sit tight and wait. I'll call her now."

"Okay, but remember not to mention me or our ship of friendship will flip just like that, and our Titanic of Love will sink just like that#" Little Bean threatened.

Su Yu chuckled and said, "Is our relationship so unstable that it can end whenever you want it to?" 

"Okay, Handsome Su# Didn't I already tip you off so you could help save my sister?" 

"I understand#"

After getting off the phone with Little Bean, Wei Liao sighed, "Those twins sure are something# Their EQ is incredible# Remember when Xiaowei said we should get one of them to become Yunchu's wife# I think we can just wipe that off the table#"

"Your Yunchu sure wouldn't be able to deal with either of them. Even Huo Mian is having trouble with them," Su Yu said proudly as if he was talking about his own daughters.

Then, he took out his phone and dialed Huo Mian's number.


"President Huo, are you busy?"

"No, what is it?"

"Um# I was thinking that the weather today is pretty nice so I wanted to take the twins out to the golf court."

Huo Mian remained silent#

"Hello? Are you listening?" Su Yu asked.

"Did Little Bean call you to tell on me?" Huo Mian asked calmly.

"No." Su Yu was guilty.

"Then why would you rush to take them out today? I thought Imperial Star Entertainment was busier than that..."

"Um#" Huo Mian's intelligence level was too high; Su Yu didn't even get to finish his lie and Huo Mian already deciphered his true intentions.

Huo Mian added, "Pudding's locked up because she was a bad girl. You can take her out any other day except today#" 

"Hey hey# why are you being so serious with a kid# How old is she? She's only three and you're already throwing phones on the floor. Don't you think you have gone too far and that you scared her?"

"Didn't you say Little Bean didn't call you? How do you know so many details?" Huo Mian asked back. 

Su Yu was completely speechless and didn't know how to respond.

He had unconsciously thrown Little Bean under the bus without meaning to#