Chapter 1869: I Am Willing to Accompany You in Acting (10)

"Yu, I really don't want to try to talk you out of anything. Because even if I tried, you won't listen to me... But Jian Tong is definitely not the one for you... you can be sad right now and use her as a shield, but you have to stop at the right time... After all, women sometimes have terrible ideas... Don't hurt Huo Mian because of your selfish decisions... Think of what happened with Zhao Qingya and Song Yishi."

Su Yu did not speak, but he did feel that Wei Liao had a point. 

Just then, Su Yu's cell phone rang, and it was actually a video call.

Su Yu took a glance at the caller - it was actually from Little Bean.

Huo Mian gave Pudding and Little Bean each a cellphone, and they knew how to use them perfectly. They even knew functions that Huo Mian didn't. 

They were on WeChat every day. Su Yu would also give the sisters red packets on every holiday, and they always enjoyed accepting money.

Su Yu pressed his cell phone and picked up the video call.

Then he put aside his depression and immediately smiled softly. "Little Bean, do you miss me?"

"Handsome Su... Something terrible happened," Little Bean lowered her voice and said mysteriously.

Looking at the background behind her, Su Yu knew that she was sitting in South Hill Manor's study.

"Um... What's wrong? " Su Yu looked at the little girl in his cell phone with surprise.

"My sis# was grounded by my mommy."

Su Yu: "..."

"Um... Why? Did Pudding make a mistake?" Su Yu was puzzled.

"Yes, my sister's been in a bad mood ever since we left your house last night. You know that neither of us like that Bimbo Jian, right? "

Wei Liao, who was standing beside Su Yu, was speechless as well. 

Little Bean may only be three years old, but she knew to give Jian Tong a nickname - Bimbo Jian.

Wei Liao was seriously reconsidering their deal with Huo Mian's family - what was a mellow boy like Wei Yunchu supposed to do with a wife like Little Bean? They weren't even on the same level... 

"Hey hey... Little Bean... Don't give Auntie Jian Tong a nickname. It's not polite," Su Yu said. 

"Handsome Su, don't interrupt me. Listen to me." Little Bean had a helpless expression on her face.

"Okay, you go on."

"My sister and I were angry because of Bimbo Jian, and Mommy told us that we shouldn't interfere with your business because we're outsiders and we're too young#"

"What your mother said is quite right," Wei Liao cut in.

"Uncle Wei... Don't talk please, or it will interrupt my train of thought." Little Bean glanced at Wei Liao.

"Okay, Uncle Wei's sorry."

Wei Liao couldn't help but laugh. No wonder everyone liked the twins; they were so cute.

They could make you laugh all of a sudden, with just a few words.

"Hey... What was I saying just now?" Little Bean ended up confusing herself.

"You told me that your mom put Pudding in detention," Su Yu laughed and reminded her.

"Right, right, when my sister saw the news this morning, she reacted really strongly and slammed her phone onto the ground. Mommy bought us our phones# I'm glad we each have our own, or else I would've been dragged down with her#"

"Pudding smashed her cell phone? What for?" Su Yu was also stunned since the twins knew for a long time that he and Jian Tong were somewhat of a public CP that the media likes to hype up. 

"My point is not that my sister smashed her cell phone, as she might have just been emotionally unstable... my point is that my mommy then threw my sis's cell phone onto the ground... Oh My God, you weren't there... It was so frightening. I've been in this world for three years, and I've never seen Mommy so angry."

Su Yu: "..."

Wei Liao couldn't help but burst into laughter; Little Bean's reaction was just way too hilarious.