Chapter 1867: I Am Willing to Accompany You in Acting (8)

"Believe me, she'll be fine. Your older daughter is even more prideful than you... If we don't make her taste the bitterness of life, she will not know how to restrain herself... But rest assured, she'll be okay."

"Okay... I hope nothing's wrong, but we should still comfort Pudding when we get home. She's still young. I'm afraid you frightened her today." Qin Chu was now full of fatherly love.

Ever since he met his daughters, he had been developing a strong sense of a father's responsibility. So, when Huo Mian was focused on work, Qin Chu was worried that their daughter would be crying at home.

He also made a phone call to Uncle Li when he was in the break room, secretly asking about her situation.

Uncle Li's answer was that Miss Pudding was still in the small warehouse, and no one knew for sure if she was okay.

What Uncle Li said made Qin Chu more anxious than ever. He really wanted to drive home and check on her, worried that his daughter might have been frightened by Huo Mian's actions this morning.

But seeing how confident Huo Mian seemed made Qin Chu feel even more conflicted, and that was why he seemed restless just now.

"President Huo, this document needs your signature. Please review it." Bella put down a document.

Huo Mian nodded her head. Just as she picked up the document and was ready to review it, she saw Zhixin coming in.

"President Huo..."

"What is it?"

"I'm so sorry that I was distracted... I'll be more careful in the future. Don't be angry with me."

"I was not angry. I didn't want to give you special treatment, so I called you out in public..." Huo Mian looked up at her brother.

"Yeah. Then I'll go back to work now. Call me if you need anything."

Then, Zhixin and Bella walked out of the office together...

"President Huo will never be angry with you, she was just doing what was right at the moment. Don't think about it too much," Bella comforted Zhixin.

"I heard your birthday is around the corner."

"Yes... How did you know?" Bella looked surprised.

"Some coworkers mentioned it... Sister Bella, you have helped me a lot since I came to the company... can I treat you to dinner on your birthday? Consider it as a token of my gratitude.."

"Thanks, I really appreciate it, but my boyfriend's coming to town to celebrate my birthday..." Bella's face filled with happiness.

"Oh... So you already have a boyfriend... I thought..." Zhixin looked a little surprised.

"What did you think?" Bella giggled.

"I thought... Since I've never seen a man pick you up, I thought you were single." Zhixin responded, disappointment flashing past his eyes.

"My boyfriend and I were classmates in university, and he moved to Tianhai City after we graduated. We've been doing long distance since then."

"Oh I see# Then never mind." Zhixin left, somewhat depressed.

Zhixin came to work at GK as soon as he graduated. All he wanted was to work hard and help his sister, so he had been single all this time. 

After Huang Yue's tragic death, Zhixin had been afraid of starting a new relationship. 

A lot of the female employees at GK chased after Zhixin since after all, he was President Huo's younger brother. 

To marry Zhixin was to marry into an extremely rich family...

Besides, Zhixin was young, handsome, and talented. He had studied abroad as well. Who didn't like him?

Unfortunately, none of those girls piqued his interest. The only woman he fell for was Bella, who was calm, collected, and mature.

As Huo Mian's assistant, Bella held high status within GK. Her resolute style and delicate mind had been consistently praised by everyone within the company and recognized by Huo Mian.

Above all, Bella was gentle and always nice to her colleagues. She did not engage in office politics, and Zhixin really liked that about her.

The reason he was distracted at the meeting this morning was that he was thinking about what to get Bella for her birthday.

He was thinking that, on Bella's birthday, he would invite her to dinner, so they could get to know each other better. 

But he didn't know she already had a boyfriend. Zhixin felt like someone rained a bucket of ice water over his parade.

- HQ of Imperial Star Entertainment -

After Su Yu and Jian Tong went public with their 'relationship', the public went into an uproar. 

Su Yu knew full well that his family wasn't happy about it, so he stopped going back to his family mansion for dinner and acted vague and perfunctory when his mother called him.

Jian Tong, on the other hand, continued to enjoy her moment of fame. Their relationship put her onto the top charts, and she occupied the homepage of various media outlets, officially becoming the talk of the city. 

Wei Liao happened to be free today, so he went to see Su Yu at Imperial Star.

"President Su, President Wei is here..." An came in to report.