Chapter 1849: Your Daughters Are Mobsters (10)

Little Bean stuffed a piece of orange into Qin Chu's mouth and said, "Daddy, don't you know her? She would never lose money# With her IQ, she's probably tripled the money by now, if not more."

"So Pudding, you're a stock master?" Qin Chu chuckled.

Pudding ever-so-calmly logged onto her account and showed Qin Chu her current balance.

There was much more than 100,000 yuan in there. She now had 2.8 million yuan 每 more than ten times over!

"Not bad, my princess." Qin Chu lovingly rubbed Pudding's head.

"What about me, Daddy?" Little Bean immediately scooted up to Qin Chu, rubbing her head against his shoulder.

"Little Bean's amazing too#"

Suddenly, Qin Chu remembered something. He asked softly, "Pudding, Little Bean, do you guys want to see your grandparents?"

"We've seen them," Little Bean replied.

"You have? When?" Qin Chu asked, slightly confused.

"Ever since we could talk, Mommy's showed us countless photos, mostly of you, and then our grandparents. Oh, right, we also saw photos of our auntie# That's what we call her, right?" Little Bean thought hard.

"Yes, you call her Auntie. That's Qin Ning."

"Mhm, so we know them well. Daddy, Auntie's gorgeous# the Qin Family's genes are really powerful, except for mommy though." Little Bean smiled adorably.

"Your mom's really pretty too#" Qin Chu smiled.

"Right, love is blind, so Mommy's the most beautiful woman in Daddy's eyes," Little Bean said.

"Daddy, does Auntie have a boyfriend?" Pudding suddenly asked.

"I don't think so, she never said anything," Qin Chu thought back at their conversations; Qin Ning's never mentioned anything about a boyfriend.

"Oh, I see#" Pudding nodded thoughtfully.

"Why? What do you have planned?" Qin Chu glanced at Pudding; she didn't seem like someone who would ask random questions.

To his surprise, Pudding smiled mysteriously. "Nothing."

Qin Chu changed the subject. "Once Mommy frees up, let's all go to the States and visit your grandparents and auntie, alright?"

"Okay, but I heard the plane ride there is really long. I wonder if I can stand it," Little Bean complained, her expression as cute as a button.

Pudding, on the other hand, was still as calm as ever. "Sure, Daddy."

After hanging out in the living room a little longer, the twins became sleepy and went to bed.

By the time Qin Chu walked into their bedroom, Huo Mian had already showered and climbed into bed. She was reading company documents with a pillow up against her head.


"Are they asleep?"

"Mhm, Mom brought them back to their rooms, they looked tired."

"Those two little brats always seem to be filled with energy, and I never have enough to give them."

"It's okay, focus on work. I can take care of them." Qin Chu walked up and sat down beside her, allowing the latter to lean against his shoulder.

"Honey, can we discuss something?"

"I agree."

"Are you sure you want to agree? You don't even know what I want to discuss." Huo Mian pursed her lips into a smile.

"I agree to whatever you say."

"Honey, if you were an emperor from ancient China, you would have been a really bad one."

"It's okay, I don't care, it's worth being cursed by the people if I'm with you."

"Tsk tsk# I'm surprised by your sudden sweet-talk."

"What, you don't like it?" Qin Chu looked down and gently looked into Huo Mian's eyes.

"I do# I like it a lot." Huo Mian smiled shyly as she snuggled in Qin Chu's embrace.

"So, now can you tell me what is it that you want to discuss?"