Chapter 1717: The Twins Popping Right Out (8)

"There are no other ways. You must talk to and spend time with her more often or you can distract her with something, so she won't have too much time to dwell on her own thoughts. The babies will be born in a couple of months; we can't allow any accidents to happen to her during this period."

"Got it. I know what to do now."

Su Yu walked out of the doctor's office with a heavy heart.

He wasn't familiar with prenatal depression since no one around him had had this illness before.

But he was terrified that Huo Mian was feeling the need to kill herself.

He called Jiang Xiaowei, who was a nationally famous expert with a Ph.D. in psychology.

"Wei, is your wife home? I want to talk to her."

Su Yu made a call to the Wei Mansion.

Su Yu gave Jiang Xiaowei a brief summary of the incident; Jiang Xiaowei was stunned.

"Mian# has prenatal depression#?"

"Yeah. That's what the doctor told me."

"It seems we've neglected it. Mian is smart and has high standards for herself; not wanting to worry us, she never showed her negative emotions. Her emotional suppression over these long months has led to terrible consequences. Just like if we try to block the flow of water with mud, the water will accumulate and result in a flash flood#"

"What shall we do now? You've got a Ph.D. in Psychology; can you help her?"

Jiang Xiaowei was his last hope.

Jiang Xiaoyue's heart ached for Huo Mian. "Mian has suffered a lot. She has gone through too much during her pregnancy while Qin Chu is missing. To protect her babies, she lives in an unfamiliar place away from her family. If I were her, I'd probably have gone mad long ago. Mian's mental strength is very great since she has managed to remain calm until now. We thought she was as strong as a god and wouldn't make a mistake, but she is only a 25-year old woman; she is made of flesh and has her own emotions and temper#"

Su Yu frowned slightly as his heart ached for Huo Mian.

For an ordinary young woman, Huo Mian had indeed gone through a lot, including many difficulties, torment, and misfortunes#

"Don't worry, Su Yu. I'll think of a way to help her. She can't take medicine now, but we can think of other ways to treat her#"

"Good. Just tell me what to do. I'd do anything to help her." Su Yu was desperate.

He would pluck stars from the sky if they could help Huo Mian.

"I think you must think of a way to get Huo Mian's Mom back from New Zealand."

"Huh? That's a good idea#" Understanding dawned on Su Yu.

Huo Mian hadn't seen her mother for a long time. If her mother could stay with her, she would be in a much better mood.

"We'll do the rest little by little. Bring her some positive information each day. Make her listen to music more often and give her more information about babies. When I have time, I'll bring my baby to visit her and help her understand the greatness of being a mother and the miracles of bringing life to the world#"

"Good# Thank you, Xiaowei." Su Yu was grateful.

"Don't mention it. Go and take care of Mian. We'll visit her tomorrow at your home."


After the doctor was sure the babies were safe, Huo Mian was released from the hospital on the afternoon of the second day and returned to the house of the Su Family.

She ate very little during supper.

Even Grandpa Su couldn't bear it and instructed, "Girl, you eat too little. Have some more."

"Grandpa Su, I have no appetite. Please go on with your meal."

"Do you want to play chess?" Grandpa Su tried to cheer up Huo Mian.

"Grandpa, she's tired and needs sleep. You are really not considerate to try to get her to play chess#"

"Hey! Young fellow, you dare to scold me?" Grandpa Su gave Su Yu a hard look.

Huo Mian stuck out her tongue and smiled, but everyone could see that her smile was faint and tired.

Ever since she returned from the hospital, her spirits had been low.

Looking worried all day long, she showed no interest in anything.

Su Yu knew Qin Chu's three wishes had a great impact on Huo Mian.

He thought of all kinds of ways to comfort her but received a little effect.

At this moment, the doorbell rang.

Su Yu immediately stood up. "I'll get the door; I guess we have a guest."

Everyone else looked at the door curiously.

When Yang Meirong appeared, Huo Mian stood up immediately in surprise.

"Mom#" Her voice trembled.