Chapter 1716: The Twins Popping Right Out (7)

"The mother and the babies are all right. She had just gotten frightened and needs some rest."

Hearing the doctor's words, Mrs. Su and Su Yu heaved out a sigh of relief.

"But, Mr. Su, Miss Huo's condition is complicated. I hope you can come to the office with me."

"Okay." Su Yu nodded.

"Mom, you go in and take care of Huo Mian; I'll return in a minute."

"Okay." Mrs. Su nodded readily and followed the nurses as they pushed Huo Mian from the emergency room to a ward.

Su Yu followed the attending doctor into the office.

The female obstetrician looked grim.

"Does she have other problems?" Su Yu felt the doctor hadn't told him everything and was afraid Huo Mian was still in danger.

"Miss Huo is not in danger for now#and the babies are okay, so you don't have to worry about them. What I'm going to talk about with you is Miss Huo's psychological illness."

"Psychological illness?" Su Yu was a little surprised.

"When we checked her, we found that she was very unstable emotionally# We suspect she has some psychological illness."

"You mean#"

"Prenatal depression," the doctor said in conviction.

"This#" Su Yu had never imagined Huo Mian, an excellent doctor, would have such a strange illness.

Thinking Su Yu didn't understand what the illness meant, the doctor explained patiently, "Prenatal depression refers to the pregnant woman's unreasonable expectations for their husbands or their environment due to their physical and mental changes. Not able to fulfill these expectations, they try to suppress their negative emotions until they accumulate to the point of erupting. I guess she tried to kill herself after receiving some form of stimulation today?"

"Yeah#" Su Yu nodded, still blaming himself for taking Huo Mian to the temple.

"Prenatal depression is a serious illness and can't be taken lightly. You must treat it as seriously as you treat depression. No matter how optimistic and open the patients were before pregnancy, they will turn into different people once they get this illness. They might have symptoms such as restlessness, anxiety, lack of appetite and sleep, guilt, insecurity, difficulty in concentration, etc. When they get worse, they will have negative emotions about everything around them and feel pessimistic about everything, which makes them lose hope for life and leads eventually to suicide# So, you must take it seriously."

"Then# What should I do?" Su Yu was extremely worried.

When Huo Mian was working, she had been a famous neurologist in South Side.

Now that the neurologist herself was ill, how could they treat her?

"We advise giving her conservative treatment because her current condition doesn't allow us to use any strong medicines on her. We think you should get her family members and friends to visit her more often and talk to her. The most important factor is the babies' father. Mr. Su, is Miss Huo's husband not in the city? How come he never visited her?"

The doctor didn't know Huo Mian's situation or anything about Qin Chu.

"Her husband# is now abroad and can't return for some special reasons."

"What's more important than his wife and children? To tell you the truth, what pregnant women need most is the company. I think the absence of her husband is the main reason for her prenatal depression. It's a serious issue."

"Doctor, do you have other suggestions?" Su Yu was worried.