Chapter 1715: The Twins Popping Right Out (6)

"Su Yu, I want to be with Qin Chu forever," Huo Mian turned her head, looked at Su Yu with her red-rimmed eyes, and said hoarsely, putting emphasis on each word.

"That's ridiculous. If you want to be with him forever, you can't jump down the cliff. Are you seeking death? Didn't you say it's good news that we haven't received news about him? He will return. Huo Mian, don't be silly."

"Qin Chu won't come back. If he didn't die, he'd have come back for me and wouldn't have been silent for months. Su Yu, I don't want to lie to myself anymore. I'm tired of living. I'm not happy. I want to go and see Qin Chu."

"Mian, even if you don't want to live for your own sake, you must think about the babies# The poor babies haven't seen the world yet. You're so cruel that you want to deprive them of the chance to come into this world?"

Huo Mian shook her head as she cried, "I want to take my babies to see Qin Chu in the underground. By that time, our whole family will be together."

"What if Qin Chu didn't die? You would have jumped off the cliff for nothing. Imagine how much pain Qin Chu would feel if he comes back and realizes you're dead. Huo Mian, calm down. You're an intelligent woman and should understand the situation. Please don't act rashly."

Su Yu regretted bringing Huo Mian to this place deeply.

If he had known what would happen, he would have refused her request without hesitation; she would be displeased with him but at least she wouldn't endanger her life.

Right now, Huo Mian wanted to die whole-heartedly.

Stimulated by Qin Chu's three wishes, she was ready to kill herself.

"Su Yu, I've been through so much lately# I don't think I can continue like this. Let me go# I'll repay your great kindness in the next life"

That said, Huo Mian leaped off the cliff.

Acting swiftly, Su Yu lunged at her and grabbed one of her legs.

Then he was dragged down by the momentum of Huo Mian's leap.

"Young Master!"

The bodyguards of the Su Family immediately shouted. 

When they saw Su Yu was dragged down by Huo Mian, their hearts almost stopped in fear.

The visitors of the temple screamed in fear, too.

"My goodness! People fell from the cliff#"

"Hurry and call the police and the ambulance."

Yells came from the crowds.

When Su Yu's bodyguards dashed over together, they saw Su Yu had caught Huo Mian tightly with one arm as his other hand was grabbing a tree branch which wasn't very thick.

Fortunately, his arms were strong; otherwise, he couldn't have lasted so long.

"What are you looking at? Hurry and pull me up#" Su Yu yelled.

The bodyguards immediately took out a rope, tossed it down, and pulled Su Yu and Huo Mian up.

Because of the shock, Huo Mian had passed out the moment she jumped.

- At the door of the VIP emergency room in the Army Hospital - 

Mrs. Su had raced to the hospital as soon as she got the news.

"How is she? How is she? How is Mian now?"

"I don't know. They are trying to revive her in there." Su Yu put his hands on his face in irritation, blaming himself for what had happened.

If something happened to Huo Mian, what would he do? How could he forgive himself?

Mrs. Su punched Su Yu on the shoulder in anger. "Are you dumb? She's several months along and you allowed her to climb the mountain? You even took her to the mountaintop. What would we do if she loses the babies? Mian, my poor child, it's all my fault. If I knew it, I'd have stopped you from going#"

At the thought that Huo Mian and the babies were all in danger, Mrs. Su began to weep.

Having taken care of Huo Mian for a long time, she had become very close to Huo Mian and saw her as a member of her family.

She didn't dare to think about what they would do if something had happened to Huo Mian.

At this moment, the light above the emergency room turned off.

The attending doctor walked out with a mask on his face.

"How is she, doctor?" Su Yu immediately dashed up and grabbed the doctor's sleeve with an anxious expression on his face; his heart was in his mouth.