Chapter 1710: The Twins Popping Right Out (1)

Su Yu rolled his eyes and responded, "Stop with the nonsense man. I'm not anywhere close to getting married#"

"Ha, I'm just dreaming about your bright future#" Tang Chuan said with a bright smile.

"Do I need you to dream about my future? Are you stupid? Hurry up and go sit down and eat."

Su Yu said jokingly as he kicked Tang Chuan's ass.

Everyone looked at Su Yu and knew how embarrassed Su Yu felt.

Then, they looked at Huo Mian and saw how uncomfortable she was.

Jiang Xiaowei was very smart and changed the topic right away. She held onto Huo Mian's hand and said, "Don't you think my son's unlucky, Mian? He was born as a Leo# Ah#"

"You should be happy# Your son was almost a Virgo#" Tang Chuan added.

"What's wrong with being a Virgo? Don't sh*t on my great Virgo people#" Huo Mian teased.

Huo Mian looked at Jiang Xiaowei with a smile and said, "What's wrong with being a Leo? It's such a grand horoscope."

"Ugh# Leo's the most overpowering horoscope out of the twelve# Ordinary people can't take it#"

"No, I think it's great, especially for boys. He'll be a shining star and a great leader when he grows up. Leos are a bit bossy but they are passionate and charming."

"Hopefully#" Jiang Xiaowei didn't say much more and pulled Huo Mian to the dinner table with her.

It had been a long time since they peacefully ate with each other.

Mrs. Su prepared a lot of great food for them and they enjoyed the meal very much.

Maybe because it was a natural birth, Jiang Xiaowei's body weight recovered a lot after giving birth#

They left after lunch and Huo Mian grew slightly tired.

Su Yu saw that she was tired and said immediately, "I'll help you upstairs for a nap."


Huo Mian walked in the front with Su Yu following her...

He paid full attention as he was scared Huo Mian would accidentally trip.

Su Yu was about to leave after helping Huo Mian get to her room when Huo Mian shouted, "Su Yu."


"I want to go to the temple."

"The temple?" Su Yu was slightly shocked.

"Yeah. I want to go to the one Qin Chu and I went to before. It's a bit far from here but I like it there. I really want to go again#"

"But you're like this now# Do you think you can climb a mountain to get to the temple?" Su Yu asked worriedly.

"I can walk slowly. Don't worry. Su Yu, I know my body well. I'm not weak# I'm a doctor too so I know my limits," Huo Mian asserted.

Su Yu didn't say anything but rather looked down thinking in his head what kind of accidents could happen.

"Are you worried that I'll be targeted like the time I went to find Rick?" Huo Mian asked when she saw Su Yu not responding.

"Yeah. I don't think I can let you take this risk# I can't allow you to get into any small accidents," Su Yu looked up and responded seriously.

"You don't need to worry. Last time your scheme worked. Huo Siqian is a devious person that easily gets suspicious, so he won't move without careful thought and planning. Even if he gets the news I was going to the temple, he would think that you were going to use the same tactic and there's no way he was going to get tricked twice# Song Yishi's father won't do anything either#"

"I know Huo Siqian better and I trust your analysis. However, with Song Qingguo, how do you know he's not going to try anything?" Su Yu questioned.