Chapter 1709: Lingling Gets Married, Xiaowei Gives Birth (10)

"Son, remember her. She's the smartest auntie# She's much smarter than your mommy# She's a genius#" Wei Liao teased.

"I'm not that smart anymore. I've gotten a lot stupider after getting pregnant#" Huo Mian said with a smile.

Jiang Xiaowei immediately added, "Me too. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I didn't get anesthesia for natural birth# I just feel like I don't know where I'm going and my memory has gotten worse. From the looks of it, I can't go back to work at the Municipal Public Security Bureau. Maybe I should go bribe Director Gao some time#"

"Oh yeah, where is Gao Ran and his wife?"

"Gao Ran finally took a vacation so he and Lingling went to Tibet," Huo Mian said with a smile.

"Yeah. She sent me a WeChat message saying that she'll be back tomorrow night and will go to the celebration," Jiang Xiaowei said.

"Did you guys come up with a name for him yet?"

"Yeah, Weiwei chose already," Wei Liao said.

"What's he called?" Su Yu asked curiously and came over.

"Wei Yunchu#" Jiang Xiaowei said slowly.

"Wei Yunchu. It's a bit strange for a name. What does it mean?" Su Yu asked with wonder.

Before Jiang Xiaowei could respond, Huo Mian said while cradling the little baby, "Climbing up on a high tower made me remember my sorrows and grieves. Reeds and willow trees were everywhere. The clouds were floating above the river while the sun was setting behind the tower. This rising wind was foreboding the coming storm#" (TL Note: That's an ancient Chinese poetry the name is related to.)

"Such a good name# Yunchu will be a wonder when he grows up#" Huo Mian explained the ancient poem that inspired Jiang Xiaowei's naming for her baby.

Jiang Xiaowei gave Huo Mian a thumbs up. "I don't really admire just anybody but I really admire you. I knew you would know. I loved ancient poems from the Tang dynasty when I was still in college. I did quite a bit of research on them. I especially like this poem called 'East Building of Xianyang City' by Xu Hui. I love the last two lines the most: The clouds were floating above the river while the sun was setting behind the tower. This rising wind was foreboding the coming storm. That was why I came up with the name Wei Yunchu when I saw him."

Huo Mian smiled and didn't say much more. She seemed to understand what Jiang Xiaowei was feeling.

"Uh# I don't understand what they're saying#" Tang Chuan hated studying so he was very confused.

"Ordinary people won't understand the conversation of geniuses. You just need to listen," Wei Liao chuckled.

"Oh yeah, I suddenly recall something. Hey Yu, where's my son's gift?" Wei Liao turned around and looked at Su Yu.

Su Yu took out a key from his pocket and put it on the table.

"Oh damn# A Lamborghini# Su Yu sure threw in a lot of money this time#" Tang Chuan jumped over.

"Don't worry. When you have a son, I'll get you one too#" Su Yu said as he looked at Tang Chuan stilly.

"I knew Su Yu was a generous man. He doesn't need extra work or money#" Tang Chuan praised.

Then, Su Yu's next sentence shook everyone in the room#

"When I have a son, you two can give me a Bugatti each in return#"

Tang Chuan: "God damn#"

Wei Liao: "God damn#"

"A Lamborghini costs three million but a Bugatti was worth over 20 million# Su Yu, you sure know your math#" Wei Liao chuckled.

"All businessmen are mercantile and cunning."

"Guys, let's eat first. Let me hug the baby. You guys can go eat," Mrs. Su came over and said.

"Auntie Su, it's alright. I can do it myself," Jiang Xiaowei said politely.

"No, no. I love children. It's great to see such a big cute baby# Let me hug him. You guys go eat," Mrs. Su said. Then she picked up Wei Liao's baby with a gentle smile and love in her eyes and walked towards the living room.

Tang Chuan was in awe when he saw Mrs. Su carrying the baby. He suddenly said, "When Su Yu has his child, then the Su Family will probably be celebrating everyday. Yu, when are you planning to get married and have kids. Don't let Uncle and Auntie Su wait too long#" 

Everyone looked at Tang Chuan with slight amusement after he said that.