Chapter 1707: Lingling Gets Married, Xiaowei Gives Birth (8)

"Just now#"

"Oh my god, that's amazing! Where is she right now?"

"At a private hospital under our family business#"

"This is awesome, congratulations on becoming a father, Wei Liao," Huo Mian said as tears of happiness fell down her cheeks; this was the happiest news that had happened in the gang ever since Zhu Lingling got married.

"Thank you, Huo Mian. Xiaowei was worried that you would be worried, so she asked me to call you first."

"Wait, I got too excited and forgot to ask, did she have a boy or girl?"

"Huo Mian, did you forget that we found out that she was having a boy halfway through her pregnancy?"

"Hahaha, look at me, pregnancy really makes a woman dumb. No wonder Xiaowei said that I'm not as smart as I used to be, she's right!" Huo Mian laughed, making fun of herself. Then, she asked, "Was it natural birth or did she have a C-section?"

"Natural birth# He's 3.3 kilograms, and they're both doing well."

"That's great! I really want to see her."

"Xiaowei said it's not safe for you to leave the house# Come when the baby turns one month old. But wait, let me turn on video chat so you can sneak a peek."

Then, Wei Liao turned on the video, and Huo Mian saw the tiny new life in the bassinet.

The baby boy was wrapped in blankets and looked around curiously.

Upon seeing this, Huo Mian's gaze immediately softened; feeling the happiness of motherhood#

"Wow, he's so cute, look at his eyes!"

"Does he look like me or Xiaowei?" Wei Liao asked with a smile.

"Right now he looks like you, but I wonder what he'll look like a few months down the road."

"Honey# I want to talk to Mian," Jiang Xiaowei said weakly on the bed; she was exhausted from childbirth.

Upon hearing this, Wei Liao immediately directed the camera lens towards Jiang Xiaowei, and Huo Mian smiled at her. "Xiaowei, you did it. You finally saw your baby."

"Mian# when you're in labor, get a C-section if you can. Natural birth is so f*cking painful, I almost died# I'm glad my son came out fast and the entire process took less than five hours. The pregnant lady in the room beside mine cried then entire night and still hasn't given birth, I feel so bad for her# you have two in there, natural birth is not a good idea for you#"

Jiang Xiaowei immediately told Huo Mian to get a C-section, since the pain might be less.

"Xiaowei, don't worry. I've never given birth yet, but I used to work in OB/GYN and know everything there is to know. Natural labor is painful, but it's also great. Back when C-sections didn't exist, everyone had to undergo natural birth. Although it's more dangerous, I still want to do it as natural as possible. Only when a woman goes through the pain of giving birth will she become undefeatable. Of course, this is just what I want to do, who knows if I'll be able to."

"Okay then, you have a point. You're the doctor#"

"Xiaowei, get some rest, you need to recover. Make sure you're well taken care of."

"Don't worry, I'm fine# I'll recuperate in a split second."

"What does it feel like to be a mother?" Huo Mian asked.

"To tell you the truth, I felt like crying the moment I heard him crying. I felt a surge of random emotions#"

"That's normal, all mothers react this way. Haha, in a couple of days, I'll#"

Before Huo Mian could finish her sentence, Jiang Xiaowei cut her off#