Chapter 1706: Lingling Gets Married, Xiaowei Gives Birth (7)

An stood amidst the people in a black leather jacket. Beside him was someone who was wearing the same jacket as him; they seemed like a man but was a little skinny to be one#

Huo Mian was wearing a black baseball cap; her face was bare without a trace of makeup, but she still looked good.

An dressed her up as a man and took her to the middle of the crowd as soon as they walked into the ballroom. Su Yu, on the other hand, used Cotton Candy to confuse Huo Siqian and Song Qingguo. 

Everyone thought that Su Yu would be the one to protect Huo Mian, but it was An.

Just then, An looked down at his watch. "Ms. Huo, it's about time. Once the crowd disperses, they're going to serve reception lunch. By then we'll#"

"I understand, let's go," Huo Mian replied quietly. She came and witnessed Lingling's happiness; just now when she saw Gao Ran confessing to her, Huo Mian almost burst out in tears. 

At that moment, she really wished that Qin Chu was here to see all this as well. Truth be told, she wanted a wedding as beautiful as this one as well# If none of this had happened, they would've had their wedding already.

But now, she had nothing#

So many things happened, one after the other. Even now, Huo Mian felt like she was living in a dream. 

Quietly following An, the two of them left from the hotel's back door and quickly climbed onto a black Hummer. Hummers were military vehicles, so they were bullet-proof. 

Su Yu chose this car mostly because he wanted to avoid a gunfight like last time.

Once Huo Mian climbed onto the car, she saw Su Yu waiting in the driver's seat. He immediately handed her a bottle of water. "Here, drink this."

"Mhm." Huo Mian took the bottle, took a few sips, and quietly glanced out the window# The atmosphere felt a little tense.

"Were you crying?" Su Yu tilted his head and looked at Huo Mian, whose eyes were slightly swollen. 

"Mhm# That dude Gao Ran was too romantic, I'm so happy for Lingling."

"Remember that you're pregnant. You need to control your emotions, for your babies."

"I know."

Then, Huo Mian looked at Su Yu and said, "Thank you for everything today# you must've been through a lot just to let me watch the ceremony."

Before Su Yu could respond, An immediately chimed in, "President Su went through a lot of trouble, playing Huo Siqian with your body double and acting like she was you."

"Shut up#" Su Yu immediately silenced An; he didn't want Huo Mian to know how much he went through to make her wish come true, because he didn't want to pressure her, not even one bit#

Time passed by incredibly fast, and soon it was summer. 

Huo Mian's belly grew bigger and bigger, and she began wearing maternity dresses. 

Su Yu still came home every day after work and had dinner with the family before going back to his own mansion. 

The Su Family liked Huo Mian more and more, and they treated her better and better.

By the end of August, when Huo Mian was six months into her pregnancy and her body was feeling heavy, she slowly got used to waiting for Qin Chu and consoling herself. 

- On August 22, around 9 PM - 

Huo Mian had just washed up and was about to climb into bed when she received a phone call from Wei Liao, "Huo Mian, Xiaowei gave birth#"

"When?" Huo Mian exclaimed in joy.