Chapter 1705: Lingling Gets Married, Xiaowei Gives Birth (6)

After he said this, the woman buried her head even lower; Huo Siqian thought Huo Mian was just scared. Therefore, he patted her hand gently. "Don't be scared, I won't hurt you. no one will ever hurt you again."

Just as he glanced down at her hand, he realized something extremely important 每 this woman had a red mole on the back of her hand#

But Huo Mian didn't! He had seen her hands so many times, and there was nothing on them at all!

So this woman#

At this thought, Huo Siqian felt an icy chill behind his back. Then, he quickly pulled the black hat off the woman in front of him.

What he then saw left him in absolute bewilderment.

The woman in front of him wasn't Huo Mian. It was Cotton Candy, a not-so-popular female artist under Su Yu's label.

"President H-Huo#" Cotton Candy stuttered, as terrified as could be.

"Why are you here?" Huo Siqian demanded angrily; his face was dark and it seemed like he was going to commit murder at that very moment.

"I-I don't know either# President Huo, if you want to sign me, you can talk to my manager# I-I#" Cotton Candy blabbered on in horror.

"Stop the car," Huo Siqian suddenly called out, and the driver stepped on the brakes, immediately parking the car off to the side of the road.

Then, Huo Siqian opened the car door and brutally threw Cotton Candy out of the car, right onto the pavement.

Cotton Candy shouted in pain#

"Sir, what's going on?" Huo Siqian's men asked, completely dumbfounded by the situation.

"We were played by Su Yu#" Huo Siqian was seething.

"Then should we go back to the wedding and see if Ms. Huo's there?"

"What's the point? She's gone by now#"

Huo Siqian hated himself for being so reckless; he never thought that Su Yu would replace the real Huo Mian with a fake one who merely had the same figure as her#

So where was the real Huo Mian right now? Was she still at the wedding?

Even if she was, Huo Siqian wouldn't have a chance to steal her anymore# because Su Yu probably had extreme protection measures in place#

After Cotton Candy was pushed out of the car, she sucked up the pain on her body and called Su Yu.


"President Su, it's over. He realized that I was a fake and pushed me off his car."

"Mhm, thanks. I'll make you the main female lead of next month's new movie," Su Yu said faintly.

"Thank you, President Su#" Cotton Candy exclaimed in pleasant surprise. She used to be no more than a barmaid but was now a minor celebrity. Su Yu gave her everything she had today; in the beginning, like many women, she wanted to get into Su Yu's pants. She was willing to be just his f*ck buddy because even that meant a lifetime of luxury.

But later, she realized that if a woman like Jian Tong couldn't get Su Yu, who else could?

Therefore, she slowly came to her senses and became lowkey. This time it was Su Yu's assistant An who contacted her. He asked her to come to the wedding with Su Yu and pretend to be Huo Mian. Cotton Candy was told that it might be dangerous, but she immediately agreed because she knew Su Yu would pay her back the favor.

As expected, she sustained minor injuries but received what she wanted in return.

After hanging up the phone, Su Yu let out a giant sigh of relief; once Huo Siqian was dealt with, he didn't have to worry about anything else. After all, Mayor Song wasn't about to do anything to Huo Mian in front of all these people.

Su Yu turned around and walked back into the hotel# and the wedding ceremony continued#