Chapter 1700: Lingling Gets Married, Xiaowei Gives Birth (1)

"I've been here for a few minutes. You looked really focused, so I didn't say anything."

"Come sit, try some honey green tea. I made it myself."

"Sure." Su Yu walked up to her with a smile and sat down on a bamboo chair.

He suddenly said, "I heard a piece of gossip today, I think you might be interested#"

"I'm never interested in gossip. Lingling's the one you should talk to. Celebrities are humans who need to have a private life as well, I feel bad for those who are followed by paparazzi every day#" Huo Mian thought Su Yu was going to reveal some big secret about a celebrity to her.

However, he shook his head. "It's not about a celebrity, it's about someone you know. Rick and that university student."

"Rick and Xixi? What happened?" Su Yu's words enticed Huo Mian's interest; she looked up, handing him a cup of honey green tea#

Su Yu took the tea and took a tiny sip. "I heard that they broke up#"

"They broke up? Are you kidding me?" Huo Mian thought Rick and Xixi made a great couple; they were so cute together!

"You were right last night. Rick suspected that his girlfriend sold you out#"

"Didn't I ask you to call Rick and explain?" Huo Mian asked in surprise.

"I did# but it seems like Rick knew about the truth already. It was his choice to break up# after all, who knows what's going on in that head of his."

"Um# how did you know?"

"That girl has an older sister called Nie Lingxuan# She's a not-so-famous celebrity at our company, but her reputation is pretty good. She took a few days off, apparently so she could go to Bali with her younger sister."

"President Su, I'm shocked that you know so much about a nobody artist. You have feelings for her, don't you?"

Su Yu's face immediately turned into a brilliant shade of red. "What are you talking about? I pay attention to her because I'm investigating Nie Lingxi. I was wondering if she worked for Huo Siqian or Song Qingguo."

"What did you find?" Huo Mian smiled at Su Yu as she sipped her tea.

"She isn't; last time was pure coincidence. That's how I found out that she was related to Nie Lingxuan."

"This is serious, but Rick must have reasons to break up with her, and it's not my place to say anything. He needs to think it through and talking about it won't help. I feel bad for Xixi though, she has to endure all that pain# In the end, it was all because of me."

Huo Mian thought that if she didn't put herself in danger and make everyone worried for her safety, Rick wouldn't have broken up with Xixi out of anger.

"Nonsense. This isn't your fault, she was the one who asked you to talk to Rick." Su Yu was unequivocally on Huo Mian side; even if what she did was wrong, he would still understand and support her.

"Did you sign with Ni Yang yet?"

"Yes Ma'am, I followed your instructions and completed the task."

Upon hearing Su Yu talk like that, Huo Mian didn't know whether to cry to laugh. "Young Master Su, please don't be so polite with me, I can't take it."

"Huo Mian, I actually have a favor to ask. It's completely selfish, but can you say 'yes' to it?" Su Yu felt like his heart was about to stop as he watched Huo Mian smile brighter than the sun.

"What's the favor?" Huo Mian laughed.

"If# and I'm saying 'if' here# Qin Chu really doesn't come back# can you keep living here and never move out? You don't have to be with me, but I hope you can live here, you know, just as a friend." Su Yu's voice was as soft as a feather; he didn't want to offend or upset Huo Mian in any way.