Chapter 1699: Witnessing Your Happiness (20)

They didn't know Mian was pregnant until later; they also found out that she had lied about being pregnant to Qin Yumin, just so the latter would follow the doctor's orders and undergo surgery.

But then, it turned out later that she really got pregnant#

The Qins went to the States first; Qin Chu's father had the foresight and hid their tracks. When they heard about Qin Chu's plane crash, they thought he was dead as well. However, a week later, he miraculously arrived in the States.

No one asked him what happened or what he experienced; he never talked about it either.

But the one thing they did know was that Qin Chu severely injured his knee cap during the accident. He went to see countless orthopedic experts in the U.S., but none of them could cure him. This was a giant blow to Qin Chu, and he still hadn't walked out from the mental agony#

Later, to avoid Huo Siqian's investigation, everyone changed their names, got new passports, and moved to Seattle. Qin Chu's uncle's best friend, who was from a powerful family, lived in Seattle. Therefore, the Qins were protected and no one could find out their whereabouts.

Not Huo Siqian, nor Rick, nor Lino, nor Lu Yan#

Qin Chu's movements were restricted, and he still had to walk with a cane. This was too much for a proud man like him 每 he felt like he was useless.

Therefore, Qin Chu had no choice but to place his thoughts of Huo Mian at the bottom of his heart#

"Stop forcing our son... If he had a choice, he wouldn't have gone so far. Trust me, no one is as sad as he is, he loves Mian too much#" Qin Yumin sighed, feeling bad for his son.

"Yumin, I really want to see my grandchildren# we won't even know if they're girls or boys# Mian's alone in China, pregnant with twins and forced to live under someone else's roof. How can she live like that? If we were all there, we would be able to take care of her#"

The truth was, Mrs. Qin didn't like the idea of Huo Mian living at Su Yu's home, even though she had to admit that it was the safest place she could be.

She just felt wrong that her own grandchildren were going to be born in another family's home.

"The Su Family is the best choice at this point in time#" Qin Yumin consoled his wife.

Qin Ning chimed in, "Auntie, from what I heard, the Su Family treats my sister-in-law really well. You don't have to worry, she's not being forced to do anything she doesn't want to. Don't forget how Commander Su bailed Huo Mian out, they're not going to let anything happen to Mian."

"I know# I just miss them#"

The Qins didn't enjoy their life in Seattle; Qin Chu left early and came back late every day, and they had no idea what he was doing. Qin Ning lived carefully as well, she rarely left the house and didn't dare to make any friends, afraid that she might expose her true identity.

- C City - 

There was a glass room filled with flowers in the backyard of the Su Estate. Mrs. Su liked flowers, so she filled the mansion with fresh ones.

Countless flowers were planted inside 每 orchids, narcissuses, peonies, lilies# there was also a bookshelf and tea area.

Huo Mian enjoyed this room; at around 10 AM every day, she would come in here, sunbathe, listen to music, read a book, trim the flowers, and enjoy a cup of tea# She was living the life. 

When Su Yu opened the door to the glass room, he saw Huo Mian in a white lace dress. Her hair was up in a bun, and she was quietly trimming a pot of red roses.

Her profile was so pretty, especially under the light of the sun#

Su Yu quietly watched her from the door, as if time had stopped. In the end, it was Huo Mian who accidentally looked up to see Su Yu staring at her.

"When did you get here? Why didn't you say something?" She smiled.