Chapter 1698: Witnessing Your Happiness (19)

"Yeah, our babies are coming into the world in several months."

When Qin Chu said that, his eyes were extremely gentle.

"So when are you planning to go back?" Qin Ning looked at her cousin with concern.

Qin Chu turned around with a bitter smile. "With me in my current condition, how can I go back and see her?"

"I don't think she'll mind. If she knows that you are still alive, she would be really happy."

"But I mind. I'm a man, a husband, and I'm going to be a dad to a pair of twins. How am I supposed to take care of them like this? Plus, Huo Siqian hasn't been dealt with yet, which means he's still a threat. If Huo Siqian is not dead, Mian is never going to live a peaceful life."

"But with you like this, it's also cruel to her. I know she's been waiting for you."

Qin Chu said nothing, but his conflicted feelings showed in his eyes.

"Big Brother, is it because she's living in Su Yu's house, is that why you..."

"No, when I'm not around Mian, Su Yu is actually someone who can take good care of her. I know Mian's personality. She is definitely not happy with that either. But for the sake of the babies, she will tolerate it. As for Su Yu, I never need to worry about him. If there's ever a day Mian falls in love with Su Yu because he's always by his side, then I would let her go."

"It's easier said than done. Do you actually feel this way in your heart? Don't you feel upset?"

"I just want my Mian to be happy."

"But how would she be happy without you?" asked Qin Ning with tears in her eyes.

Although she hadn't known Huo Mian for very long, she had heard of Qin Chu and Huo Mian's love story.

She was really touched by it.

She was especially touched by Huo Mian's admission to homicide, just so Qin Chu could go free.

This was not something that an ordinary woman could do.

"Ning, men and women's definitions of love are different. I love her, but I want to love her with dignity. But since I'm like this right now, I'm not confident that I can give her happiness. The issue with Huo Siqian wasn't settled either."

"So# you don't plan on going back, not even when she gives birth?"

Qin Chu remained silent.

"Okay, I got it. After all, this is your own business. You are so smart, so for a lot of things, I don't need to say much. You definitely think more clearly than I do. But I just feel that you were apart from each other for seven years already and missed so many happy times together. I just can't believe that you're not by her side when she's pregnant with the# Fine, I'll stop talking and making you even more upset. I believe that you can handle everything." 

Afterward, Qin Ning turned around and left.

- Downstairs Living Room -

"Ning, how did it go? What did your cousin say?" Mrs. Qin held onto Qin Ning's arm and asked her anxiously.

"My cousin, he#" Qin Ning didn't tell them the rest but just kept shaking her head.

"Still because of what happened?" Mrs. Qin looked worried.

Qin Ning nodded. "The location of my cousin's wound is really sensitive. Even the top specialists cannot cure it. He is such a good doctor himself, and even he doesn't have a treatment plan. He probably thinks that he'll never recover, so he doesn't want to go back to Mian. First, he doesn't want her to worry about him. In addition, he's also worried that he can't give her happiness."

"So# He's okay with Mian staying at another man's home with my grandchildren#"

Mrs. Qin felt her heart go completely cold.