Chapter 1697: Witnessing Your Happiness (18)

"Huo Mian likes it." That was all Su Yu said, in such a matter-of-factly way at that.

In the end, An had no choice but to help the lady pack up all the tofu skewers.

The Su Family was rarely this quiet. When Huo Mian walked downstairs to get some water, she saw that the door was wide open.

A man about fifty years old, wearing a traditional suit, came in with a handsome but serious look.

The man looked up at Huo Mian and seemed a little hesitant, too.

"Sir, you're back." The nanny walked over to welcome him and handed over a pair of slippers.

After hearing what the nanny said, Huo Mian immediately put down the glass and went over to introduce himself.

"Hi, Uncle Su. I'm Huo Mian."

"Hm." Su Yu's dad nodded with a stern look on his face before turning around to go upstairs.

Huo Mian was pretty reserved and thought that Su Yu's dad was a little intimidating.

When the nanny walked past Huo Mian, she whispered to her, "Mr. Su's personality is just like that. Don't worry, he's actually a really nice person."

At first, Su Yu's dad was pretty against Huo Mian staying with the Su Family.

However, the family voted 3 to 1, which meant that he lost.

Huo Mian moved in with the Su Family without any trouble. Mr. Su was busy with work and had been managing the headquarters of the Su Financial Bank.

He hadn't been back for a while so this was their first official meeting.

Daddy Su's indifference made Huo Mian suddenly feel a little uncomfortable.

But just as she started feeling upset, she heard the door opening again. It was Su Yu.

He came in with a lot of bags in his hands.

"What is this?"

"Didn't you say you wanted to eat tofu skewers in chicken soup?"

"How did you know?" Huo Mian was confused.

"The maid told me."

"That was just a random craving, why did you take it so seriously?"

Huo Mian thought that she probably needed to choose her words carefully from now on because once Su Yu heard something, he would just go and do it.

He bought so much - was he here to feed a human or a pig?

"Hurry and eat it before it gets cold."

"Okay." Huo Mian didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

While she was eating the tofu skewers, Huo Mian suddenly asked in a low voice, "Your dad is back and is upstairs. Do you want to go see him?"

"Don't mind him. My dad is always like that. He treats everyone the same cold way, as if they owe him thousands in debt."

"Pu# Why did you say that about your dad?"

"It's okay, he's used to it." Su Yu didn't really care to say more.

"You told me today that Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling are getting married on the 16th."

"Yeah, Lingling called me."

"Hmm# Gao Ran is not an ordinary person. His dad is from the provincial bureau. This wedding will definitely attract people's attention. As of right now, it'd be difficult for you to go," said Su Yu slowly.

"I know, that's why I wanted to discuss it with you. I wanted to see if you had any good ideas. I really want to witness their wedding in person without attracting people's attention," Huo Mian looked at Su Yu and said.

"There's only one day to do it then." Su Yu thought about it with his hand resting under his chin.

"What way?" Huo Mian asked.

"I can't tell you right now. You'll find out when that day comes. Also, don't tell anyone that you're going to the wedding. It's not that I don't trust them, but# I'm worried something might happen. Your situation is really special, and I don't want anything happening to you," Su Yu reminded again. 

"Okay, I got it. As long as I can go witness the wedding, I'll do anything."

No matter how smart Huo Mian was, at this moment, she still needed Su Yu's help.

While Huo Mian was anticipating Zhu Lingling and Gao Ran's big wedding, she was also waiting for someone's return#

- U.S. Seattle -

"Zhu Lingling and Gao Ran's wedding will be on the 16th of next month. Don't you want to go back and see it?"

The man remained silent. His slim suit and handsome figure created a perfect image.

"Then you don't want to go back and see your wife? I heard that she's two months pregnant now," Qin Ning looked at the man in front and asked, word for word. 

TL Note: Ay, look, our homie Qin Chu's back.