Chapter 1696: Witnessing Your Happiness (17)

After that, the whole audience went silent.

Su Yu and An both instantly froze.

Was Jian Tong confessing her feelings for Su Yu? In front of all the other employees?

"Ahem." Su Yu felt a bit awkward and lightly coughed.

No one said anything. They didn't know how their boss would react.

Jian Tong walked over to Su Yu. Before Su Yu would react, she stood on her tiptoes, wrapped her arms around Su Yu's neck, and kissed him. 

The crowd went instantly wild, and everyone's faces lit up with shock.

Jian Tong just kissed President Su!

Su Yu immediately came back to his senses and pushed Jian Tong away instinctively.

He then laughed awkwardly and said, "You've gotten better at acting. You tricked everyone."

Jian Tong's face fell upon hearing this.

Then Su Yu said, "You guys shouldn't be tricked by Jian Tong. She was just fooling around and showing off her acting skills."

After that, everyone started to buy the explanation and seemed relieved.

But at the same time, Jian Tong's face looked awful.

"I'm heading out first. You guys enjoy dinner."

After saying that, Su Yu turned around quickly, without any hesitation.

An looked at Jian Tong sympathetically and left with Su Yu.

Jian Tong felt her heart drop to the pit of her stomach. She devoted so much to Imperial Star Entertainment, and Su Yu had treated her well.

She had money, houses, cars, and a variety of jewelry and watches.

She had earned every cent.

But she didn't want all those things. All she wanted right now was Su Yu's love.

She loved Su Yu so much that she couldn't let him go.

But why did he refuse her so coldly?

Was it still because of Huo Mian?

Jian Tong, along with everyone else, didn't know that Huo Mian had returned and was staying with the Su Family.

They all thought that she was still in prison.

That was why Jian Tong planned all of this during her celebratory party, in front of everyone...

All she hoped was that Su Yu wouldn't have the face to refuse in front of the big media and the crowd so that the two could have an ambiguous starting.

What she didn't expect was that Su Yu really didn't care about saving face. Though he didn't say it outright, smart people could already tell what was going on.

"Jian Tong, these things take time. Maybe Mr. Su wasn't in a good mood today. Ha."

Her agent was trying to comfort her.

Jian Tong didn't say a single word. She returned to her seat and chugged alcohol as her face sunk.

"President Su, where are we going now?" An sat in the passenger's seat and asked carefully.

"Do you know where I can find tofu skewers boiled in chicken soup?"

"Um, why are you asking this?" An was a bit shocked.

"I want to buy some, of course."

"But that's street food..."

"I don't care what it is, I'm asking if you can find it."

"Yeah. You can find some just in that little alley down there."

An didn't want to ask too much. If the boss wanted to buy tofu skewers in chicken soup, then they should just go.

As expected, when the car turned into a small alley, they saw countless food stalls.

An led Su Yu to an elderly lady's tricycle.

"President Su, these are the tofu skewers in chicken soup that you are looking for," said An while pointing at the big pot on the tricycle.

"Young man, are you looking for tofu skewers? They're really good. The chicken soup is just freshly boiled," the owner of the food stall explained passionately.

"How much is it?" asked Su Yu.

"Five yuan per bowl," answered the lady immediately.

Su Yu took out his wallet, took out all his cash, and handed it to the lady.

"Here's about three thousand. I'll take the whole pot. Is that enough?"

"Ah, it is!" The lady was feeling so flattered.

"President Su, you want to buy a whole pot? Can you even finish it? This feels like a waste." An was pretty shocked.