Chapter 1695: Witnessing Your Happiness (16)

"Mhm, I'll think of something. Don't worry and get some rest, I'm going to drive Ni Yang home."

No matter what Huo Mian asked for, Su Yu never said no, no matter how hard the task was.

After they left the Su Estate and got onto Su Yu's car, Ni Yang glanced at him. "President Su, thanks for taking care of Mian#"

"It's fine, Huo Mian and I are good friends, you don't have to thank me."

"Then# thanks for taking me in, President Su." Ni Yang smiled humbly.

"Don't sell yourself short; you're one of the most popular superstars right now, so signing you on with us will be well worth it. I'd be willing even if Mian didn't ask me# After all, I'm a businessman."

Men's conversations were always so simple and to the point.

After Su Yu dropped Ni Yang off, he drove straight to Imperial Star.

"President Su, Miss Jian Tong won the Gold Flower Award for Best Actress today, completely throwing the artists from the Huo Corporation off. Most importantly, she even beat Mo Xue'er! Jian Tong's amazing, isn't she?" Jian Tong's manager blabbed on about how great Jian Tong was in front of Su Yu.

"Oh yeah? Not bad, this is good news#"

"The media's going to go crazy with the news tomorrow# Jian Tong is really good at her job. President Su, we have a celebratory party tonight, so#"

"I'm busy tonight#" Su Yu immediately refused, before Jian Tong's manager even finished her sentence.

"But Miss Jian Tong's going to be really disappointed. She wouldn't have worked for hard for Imperial Star if it weren't for you. If you're really busy, at least drop by and say hi. If you don't, the reporters will think that you don't value her."

Upon hearing this, An chimed in, "She's right, President Su. You should at least show up and shut those reporters' mouths. Or else, who knows what they're going to write about tomorrow#"

"When is it?"

"6 PM, at the St. Regis Hotel#"

"Okay then, I'll be there at 6." After going over the pros and cons in his head, Su Yu decided to go.

Jian Tong's celebratory party was extremely grand# Su Yu announced that Imperial Star was going to pay for everything, and he even gifted Jian Tong a 10-million yuan mansion as a bonus.

Jian Tong's award made her soar to the pinnacle of her fame; that evening, she wore a pink evening gown, showing off her sexy figure and making all the women who attended jealous.

After defeating Zhao Qingya and Cotton Candy, Jian Tong became the No. 1 artist at Imperial Star.

Su Yu was wearing a pair of black, Italian-made pants, and a crisp white shirt from Versace.

"President Su#"

"Woah, it's President Su!"

"He's really here! President Su is much more handsome in person."

A few trainees fawned over Su Yu's looks, as they haven't had a chance to see him in person. Su Yu had been really lowkey recently and barely attended company events.

He walked up to the main seat and sat down; raising his glass of wine, he said, "Today's a good day. I'd like to thank Jian Tong for everything she's done for the company. Cheers."

Jian Tong smiled shyly next to Su Yu and quietly raised her glass as well.

The other artists all followed suit#

After one drink, Su Yu looked at her. "I have somewhere to be, you guys have fun."

"President Su#" Jian Tong called out as Su Yu was walking out, prompting the latter to turn around; she didn't want him to leave so soon. "Can you please stay a little longer?"

"I have other matters to tend to. Have fun, and ask An to sign the receipts if you guys go to a club afterward."

"President Su#" Jian Tong shouted; this time, her voice was loud, attracting everyone's gazes.

Su Yu turned around again, feeling confused; Why was Jian Tong acting so differently tonight?

He watched as Jian Tong looked at him with a complicated expression on her face. After taking in a deep breath of air, she shouted, while everyone in the room was watching, "Su Yu, I like you!"