Chapter 1687: Witnessing Your Happiness (8)

"It's no use calling my mom, she's not going to help you. When she comes in, you should ask her what kind of patient would rather play on her phone than get some rest."

Just then, Mrs. Su opened the door. "Mian, did you just call me?"

"Mrs. Su# um# it's nothing, I was just joking around with Su Yu." Huo Mian smiled awkwardly; all she wanted to do was threaten Su Yu, but her plan failed gloriously.

"You guys are too old to mess around like little kids# Yu, don't be mean to Mian."

"I wasn't!" Su Yu argued arrogantly.

After Mrs. Su walked back out of Huo Mian's room, she went back to discussing with the doctor what the latter should do, eat, and be careful of.

"Su Yu, I didn't want my phone so I could play with it, I just want to call Rick."

"Why do you want to call him? Just tell me, and I'll let him know."

"I just wanted to tell him not to suspect Xixi# I'm sure Rick suspects that Xixi tricked me into leaving your house."

"How can you be so sure that she didn't?" Su Yu looked at Huo Mian curiously.

"Xixi and Rick have known each other for really long, and Rick's a really careful person. I'm sure he did a background check on her. If something was wrong, he would've found out a long time again. Plus, if Xixi was really a mole who sold my whereabouts out to Mayor Song, then we can assume that Mayor Song planted her by Rick a long time ago. However, Song Yishi didn't die, nor did she marry Huo Siqian when Xixi and Rick met. Why would Mayor Song do something like that? There's no point."

Upon hearing Huo Mian's analysis, Su Yu nodded his head. "You have a point, but there's also a chance that Huo Siqian sent her."

Huo Mian laughed from being too angry. "Are you stupid? If she was Huo Siqian's mole, she would never send assassins my way. Huo Siqian wants me, but he doesn't want me dead. If Xixi were his and she did something like this, Huo Siqian would've cut her up into a million pieces by now."

"Mhm, you're right." Su Yu couldn't help but admire Huo Mian. "Are you saying that Xixi was used?"

Huo Mian nodded. "Of course she was. Xixi's really innocent, I'm sure she didn't think too much into it when she asked me to go to Seductive Fox. I bet Song Qingguo placed his people near your house, and they notified him as soon as I left the mansion# Xixi's just a scapegoat who didn't know any better."

"Seems likely# I can't believe Song Qingguo would place people around our house. He's got guts# starting tomorrow, I'm going to do a five-kilometer sweep around the mansion, I'm going to make sure that no one can hurt you again."

What happened tonight really drove Su Yu's anxiety over the top. If something really happened to Huo Mian, he would probably storm into Song Qingguo's house and shoot the latter's brains out.

"Anyways# thank god Grandpa Su's people were there tonight. I would be dead without him# I'll never be so stubborn again, I'm really sorry, Su Yu. I'd feel better if you yell at me," Huo Mian apologized again.