Chapter 1686: Witnessing Your Happiness (7)

"Am I wrong? Don't tell me you had nothing to do with her accident, it's too much of a coincidence# Why else would Huo Mian be ambushed as soon as she left the club? Did you know she almost died? Qin Chu disappeared because of me, if something happened to Huo Mian when she was out to see me, I would probably kill myself# plus, she's pregnant. Nie Lingxi, where's your heart?"

After a long silence# Xixi looked up, tears streaming down her eyes as she asked Rick, "Would you believe me if I said I didn't do anything?"

"Why should I believe you? What if you tricked me and almost killed my friend?"

Perhaps Rick was overly concerned with Huo Mian's safety, so he said those harsh words even if he didn't mean them#

"Fine then, if you think that way, then it is what it is, alright?"

"So# you really did it?" Rick thought that it was Xixi who leaked Huo Mian's whereabouts.

"If you think it's me, then it's me#" Furious, Xixi began throwing a tantrum, but as soon as she said those words, Rick raised his hand and pointed a black handgun at Xixi's head.

She looked at Rick with shock, and then closed her eyes, completely heartbroken. "Shoot#"

"Sir, you can't kill Miss Xixi. We're still investigating the accident, we don't know the truth yet."

Rick's men couldn't take it anymore, and they immediately tried to persuade Rick into putting his guy away.

The two of them stood like that for ten or so seconds before Rick put his gun down. "Leave. I won't kill you, but I won't let something like this happen again. I never want to see you again."

Then, he turned around and walked away, his black trench coat swaying in the wind, especially stabbing to the eye in the dark night. 

"Rick, you asshole! I hate you# I never want to see you again#" Xixi shouted behind him in agony, tears streaming down like a waterfall. Rick felt pangs of heartaches upon hearing her cries, but he didn't turn around, leaving her university in his Ferrari.

Xixi stood there and watched as Rick got onto his car and left; he accused her of selling Huo Mian out and pointed his gun at her, threatening to kill her. He even said that he never wanted to see her again#

Xixi felt like her heart was just thrown into a meat grinder#

They had been dating for a while now; Xixi knew that he was the indifferent-type, so she acted as the passionate one and took a lot of the initiatives to maintain the interactions between the two.

Rick occasionally did seemingly-immature things like go to the movies with her 每 they watched Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf together, and Xixi smiled so hard until her stomach began to hurt.

That wasn't even her favorite movie; her favorite was Big Head Son and Small Head Dad.

At the thought of their sweet memories, Xixi couldn't help but wail even louder.

Suddenly, a thought entered her head. Did Rick just say that Huo Mian was almost shot? How was she now?

With her and Rick's relationship on the rocks, she couldn't ask him# Therefore, Xixi took out her phone as she cried and called Huo Mian, but the latter's phone was off.

- At the hospital - 

"Su Yu, give me back my phone."

"Forget it, go to sleep," Su Yu said as he forcibly took away Huo Mian's phone and turned it off.

"You can't be so unreasonable, I'm going to tell Grandpa Su what you did to me."

"I'm not going to give you a chance to see my grandpa tonight#"

"Mrs. Su, help me! Su Yu's being mean!" Huo Mian immediately shouted at her room door.