Chapter 1685: Witnessing Your Happiness (6)

"Mayor Song, you can't blame them# they really tried their best, and we lost every single person# Although the Su Family only sent four bodyguards to accompany her, they were all really powerful characters. I heard only two of them were shot, and the woman sustained minor injuries#"

"I don't want her to sustain minor injuries, I want her dead#" Mayor Song spat angrily.

"Mayor Song, our men didn't do anything wrong this time, the Su Family's forces are just too strong# maybe we should put this off for now. They won't be able to protect her forever, we can kill her when she moves out#"

"I can't wait that long# she's pregnant, I can't let her give birth to that child# the demon who murdered by daughter doesn't have the right to exist on this earth#" Mayor Song hated Huo Mian from the bottom of his heart and wished that she could drop dead at that very moment. However, the reality was harsh 每 no matter how well he prepared, he still failed.

- Huo Family mansion -

Huo Siqian's face sunk when he heard about Huo Mian's accident; after five seconds of silence, he kicked the redwood desk in front of him, knocking it right over and scaring the crap out of his men.

"That old fox Song Qingguo# is really digging his own grave# I think he wants to die and keep his daughter company."

"Sir. It's true that Song Qingguo has been trying to kill Miss Huo for a while now# but the Su Family's really powerful, they ran away even with all those men. When we arrived, they had already left#"

"Of course they're powerful, they're the Su family," Huo Siqian spat, glaring at the man who spoke and scaring everyone in the room out of their wits.

"How is Mian right now?"

"She sustained minor external injuries and was sent to the military hospital. They're on lockdown right now, forbidding anyone from going into her room. I think this accident freaked them out."

"Mhm, I got it."

"Sir, should we deal with Song Qingguo?"

"You don't have to do anything, I have plans for him," Huo Siqian said with a grim expression on his face. After chasing his people out, he took out his phone and stared at the old photo of Huo Mian, feeling heartbroken.

She was pregnant and couldn't take any antibiotics or painkillers# the slightest scrape would cause her great pain, wouldn't it?

- Outside the dormitories of a university in C City - 

Xixi was about to fall asleep when she received a phone call from Rick, causing her to throw on some clothes and run downstairs.

As soon as she saw Rick, she ran into his embrace like a little puppy to its owner.

Rick, however, looked down and demanded icily, "Did you call Huo Mian and tell her to come to Seductive Fox?"



"Because you seemed depressed, so I wanted her to come and talk to you# She's always so smart and calm, and her words always make a lot of sense# I thought she could cheer you up a bit."

"Are there any other reasons?" Rick asked, with no apparent emotions on his face.

"No, that's it# why?" Xixi was confused.

"Huo Mian was ambushed and almost shot to death on her way home."

"What?" Xixi stared at Rick in disbelief.

"Didn't you know about it?"

"How would I know? Rick, what are you talking about?"

"Isn't it obvious? Huo Mian's been safe ever since she moved into the Su Family. Her friends occasionally visit her and Su Yu would sometimes take her out# but you picked a time when Su Yu wasn't home, in the middle of the night, to ask Huo Mian to leave the Su Mansion. You were probably worried that she might have her guards up on her way here, right? That's why those people didn't attack# On her way home, when she wasn't paying attention, they ambushed her. Your job was to trick her into leaving the Su Mansion, wasn't it?"

"Rick# is that how you think of me?" Xixi asked, her eyes flashing with tears and her heart as cold as ice.