Chapter 1624: I Know He’s Still Alive (5)

"Grandpa# I'm a little hungry..."

"Stay hungry."

"Grandpa# I'm thirsty..."

"Stay thirsty."

"Grandpa, why are you so heartless# Am I not your grandson?" Su Yu looked at his grandpa with miserable eyes.

"If you weren't my grandson, I would've thrown you into the ocean and fed you to sharks. You should be glad that you're my only grandchild. Do you really think I'd forgive you otherwise?" The old man was clearly still furious.

"Grandpa..." Su Yu activated his cute puppy mode.

He knew that his grandpa cherished him more than anyone in the world. As long as he kept up the thick-skinned, puppy-eyed sweet talk, his grandpa would surely give in.

Suddenly, before Su Yu could say anything else, Grandpa Su said, "The girl you told me to rescue# is pregnant."

"What?" Su Yu was beyond stunned.

"I just got news from Jing City. They've put in a request for out-of-prison medical parole. The request will for sure be approved because she's pregnant. Once the orders are given tomorrow, she'll be picked up."

"Pregnant..." Su Yu's expression was complex, to say the least. He didn't look happy nor sad# It was just, complicated.

Grandpa Su watched his ever-changing expressions and scolded, "Are you going to give up now?"

Su Yu licked his lips without a reply; something in his mouth tasted bitter.

He was also happy for Huo Mian, however, as he was fully aware of just how much Huo Mian wanted a baby.

Plus, a pregnancy at a critical time like this was the perfect excuse to get her out of prison for a while.

"Why aren't you talking? Are you sad?" Grandpa Su asked.

"Hah# why should I be sad? It's good that she's pregnant..." Su Yu smiled bitterly.

"Fine, let's see how long you can keep this up. They'll let us know tomorrow and I'll send people to pick her up. Because her status is still sensitive, she can't go home directly, as it would spark controversy. I'm planning to put her

in the city's army hospital..."

"Alright. Grandpa, I'm picking her up tomorrow."

"You're going?" Grandpa Su was surprised.

"Yes, I'll go# I don't really trust anyone else." Su Yu was more than careful; he didn't want anything to happen to Huo Mian.

Rick spent so much time and effort planning such a thorough plan, and yet, Qin Chu was still unable to avoid tragedy.

This only meant Huo Siqian was willing to do anything and everything to get what he wanted.

Therefore, Su Yu wasn't about to leave Huo Mian in the hands of others...

He had thought that his grandpa would object and was preparing himself for further persuasion.

Surprisingly, his grandpa actually agreed.

He pondered for a moment and said, "That could work. It'll probably be easier with you there. They know that you're my grandson# they'll definitely give me that little leeway."

"Grandpa# A little leeway? It's a big one alright?"

"Stop blabbing. Keep kneeling. You can't leave until after midnight."

"But# Grandpa, I have to catch the plane to Jing City tomorrow..."

No matter how much Su Yu protested, Grandpa Su wouldn't give in.

Su Yu had truly crossed the line this time; he almost gave Grandpa Su a heart attack.

What kind of storms hadn't the old man experienced in the military? Yet, he couldn't believe how afraid he was when his grandson pulled that crap on him earlier.

The gun in his hand was too powerful, Grandpa Su didn't even want to think about what could have been.

What if Su Yu slipped, and the bullet really struck his head?

He couldn't imagine that kind of tragedy; he wouldn't be able to take it.

So, he had no choice but to give in to his grandson's request...

Su Yu continued kneeling in the memorial hall, feeling more relaxed now.

The thought of seeing Huo Mian the next day made him feel all warm and fuzzy...

When he remembered Huo Mian's pregnancy, however, bitterness crept up again.

Although he had expected this day to come, it was still a surprise.

"Qin Chu must be really happy if he knew about Huo Mian's pregnancy# He's going to be a dad after all..."

Deep into the night...

Mrs. Su took her phone and went to find her son.

"Yu# your phone isn't on?"

"Uh# Grandpa took my phone." Su Yu looked miserable.

"Wei Liao called me# I think he really needs to talk to you."

With that, Mrs. Su handed over her phone to her son...