Chapter 1622: I Know He’s Still Alive (3)

"It's not easy# being Su Yu." Jiang Xiaowei felt bad after hearing all this.

"Su Yu succeeded in threatening Grandpa Su, but he's been in hell as well. Grandpa Su's in a rage and punishing him."

- Su Family Mansion - 

Today was Su Yu's first day on house arrest; Grandpa Su ordered for him to kneel in the ancestor's hall for an entire day.

He was not allowed to eat nor drink; he was supposed to reflect on himself.

Most of the Su Family served in the military, and rumor had it that Su Yu's great grandfather was an important figure in the founding of China who later died in combat for his country and was heavily awarded.

Su Yu's grandpa was a renowned commander of a military base with a great reputation in Jing City.

Su Yu's father, on the other hand, chose to become a businessman because he didn't like how old-fashioned and inflexible soldiers acted.

Of Su Yu's father's siblings, only his third brother chose to become a soldier, and he was currently a prestigious figure in the air force. 

Su Yu wanted to be a soldier when he was young, but for some reason, he suddenly requested to be discharged.

Then, he began living a life of fun and parties. No one in his family ever tried to persuade him to join the army again, and no one knew why he suddenly quit.

Su Yu looked down as he knelt before his ancestor's shrines.

"Yu# have some water?"

Mrs. Su couldn't bear to see her son suffer like that, so she brought him some warm water.

"Don't give him anything to him, he needs to repent," Grandpa Su spat angrily.

Su Yu didn't have the guts to take the water either#

"You little brat, you've got guts, don't you? I can't believe you would threaten me with a gun! Next time, don't point it at yourself, point it at me!" Grandpa Su shouted as he pointed at Su Yu, who tried to argue for himself, "I would never do that! I would be struck by lightning for not respecting you, Grandpa."

"Wow, I'm shocked you know about that. What about threatening your grandpa, aren't you afraid you might be struck by lightning?"

"I did that for a reason."

"What reason, for a woman? Look at you# you would kill yourself for a woman!" Grandpa Su said as he slammed his stick on Su Yu's back, causing the latter to flinch in pain.

"Ow! Ouch! Grandpa, please be gentle."

"I'm going to beat you to death, you little b@stard," Grandpa Su said as he exerted more pressure on his stick.

"Dad# be gentle on him, he doesn't exercise as much as he used to, and he isn't as strong as he used to." Mrs. Su begged for her son.

"Grandpa, can you hit me later? I want to ask you a question," Su Yu put his hands up in the air, surrendering and begging his grandpa.

"Ask," Grandpa Su said, eyes blazing as he looked at his grandson with fire in his tone.

"Where's Huo Mian right now, when is she coming home?"

Upon hearing this, Grandpa Su heaved his stick at Su Yu again, hitting the latter's back so hard that his entire body began burning up in pain.

Grandpa Su was really set on teaching him a lesson this time#

- VIP room of a military hospital in Jing City - 

"Professor Luo#"

Huo Mian was resting in her room when she saw Professor Luo come in, prompting her to stand right up.

"Have a seat." Professor Luo waved his hand, gesturing for Huo Mian to sit down.

"Huo Mian# have you noticed anything different with your body recently?"

"Um# actually, I have."


"My stomach# I've been feeling really nauseous lately, probably because I've been in a bad mood and haven't been eating properly. My stomach's probably protesting," Huo Mian said with a smile.

"You think it's gastritis?" Professor Luo smiled back at her, and Huo Mian nodded. "Mhm."

"I thought you were a doctor# how can you not know that you were pregnant?" Professor Luo smiled, his expression as friendly as could be.

"Professor Luo, what did you say?" Huo Mian immediately sat up from her seat, barely able to contain herself.

"Huo Mian, you're 55 days pregnant with twins."

"Twins? Twins? Oh my god#" Huo Mian placed her hands on her face and stared at Dr. Luo in bewilderment.