Chapter 1621: I Know He’s Still Alive (2)

"Yu was put on house arrest."

"Just because he tried to save Mian?" Jiang Xiaowei froze in surprise.

"Things aren't as simple as you think. If they were, the Su Family would've done something about it as early as Qin Chu's initial incarceration. This incident# was really hard for his family. The victim was Song Yishi, and Mayor Song's in charge of everything in our city. Although his rank isn't as high as Grandpa Su's, he's still the mayor. The death of a mayor's daughter is like a slap on the government's face. The provincial leaders ordered the punishment of the murderer as well. Therefore, Grandpa Su's interference really caused a stir in the administration, how do you think he looks? Politics aren't so simple, Xiaowei."

Upon hearing what Wei Liao said, Jiang Xiaowei fell silent; she was smart enough to know the severity of the situation.

Basically, Su Yu was a God for convincing Grandpa Su into saving Huo Mian.

"I'm curious, how did Su Yu persuade his grandpa?" after a moment of silence, Jiang Xiaowei slowly asked.

Upon hearing her question, Wei Liao smiled bitterly.

"What kind of expression is that?" Jiang Xiaowei looked weirdly at her husband.

"You'll be shocked. Su Yu pointed a gun at his own head and threatened his grandpa. He only gave the old man three seconds, or else he was going to shoot himself. The gun Su Yu used was a gift from Grandpa Su when he first enlisted. It was a Type-92 military pistol, with a 9-millimeter-caliber. Apparently, it's the king of military pistols in our country and one of the most dangerous hand-held weapons, capable of shooting through a 13-millimeter-thick iron board, and 50-millimeter-thick pine board. That's not important, actually, as the most important thing is once shot, the bullet will turn in a person's body and create a giant cavity, maximizing the extent of the wound. Therefore, he might die, no matter where he gets shot. Su Yu, on the other hand, pointed a weapon like this to his own head# how scared do you think his grandpa was when that happened?"

After hearing what Wei Liao said, Jiang Xiaowei felt her entire body going cold 每 Su Yu had truly gone crazy, hadn't he?

If he accidentally pulled the trigger while the gun was still pointed to himself, he wouldn't even have a chance to regret his actions.

Life was valuable, and each person only had one chance at it. Su Yu was born into such a prestigious and wealthy family, with an endless supply of food and clothes. Anyone else would want to live for another five hundred years if they were in his shoes.

But to save Huo Mian, Su Yu was willing to risk his own life#

Jiang Xiaowei was a fan of Qin Chu and Huo Mian, and she always admired Qin Chu's love for the latter. His love for her was lasting and enduring, it was the love only high school sweethearts felt for each other.

Qin Chu was willing to have a face-off with kidnappers just to save Huo Mian; he never backed down, even when he was shot in the chest.

Jiang Xiaowei thought only Qin Chu would ever treat Huo Mian that way, but Su Yu#

Upon seeing Jiang Xiaowei so quiet, Wei Liao smiled helplessly. "I've been thinking, why did God bring Su Yu to the world if Qin Chu was already born? Qin Chu's existence has made Su Yu suffer so much# he appeared in Huo Mian's life too late, so he missed everything# Even if he was willing to break into a million pieces for Huo Mian, and even if he died one day, Huo Mian wouldn't give anything to him, not even a hug. Is she really worth it? To Su Yu, she really is. After her incarceration, Su Yu told me with determination that he wasn't going to let Huo Mian die."