Chapter 162: Memory

Chapter 162: Memory
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"That's because back then when things broke, we always tried to mend them. However nowadays, when something breaks you just get a new one. The same goes for relationships."

Just as Huo Mian was in awe of Ms. Yao's wise words, Qin Chu suddenly interjected, "But I heard that back in your day, due to the pressure of gossip and social pressure, many who were unhappy in their marriages were afraid of getting divorced. In the end, many died of depression. Divorce rates may be high now, but at least people don't feel stuck anymore."

Huo Mian was speechless.

So was Ms. Yao#

Neither of them knew how to respond#

Finally, it was Huo Mian who snapped back to her senses first. She pinched Qin Chu's thigh under the table, "Hm, where do you get all this false information from?"

"Aren't I telling the truth?" Qin Chu rebutted proudly.

Huo Mian immediately tugged at the corner of his shirt. "Shut it."

Huo Mian spoke quietly, but Ms. Yao still heard every word.

Ms. Yao smiled, "No, it's fine. Qin Chu is right. People were very old-fashioned back then, and some marriages were completely arranged by parents. The marriages may not have gone well, but no one even considered divorce as an option. Back then, divorcees were condemned by their peers, parents wouldn't allow for such things, and gossiping neighbors made things much worse. Today, society has improved, and young people like you have your own modern beliefs. You advocate on living happily because life is bitterly short, and it's better to be happy than otherwise. This is all true. What I want to say is that no matter how times and people change, never forget your original goal 每 your original aspirations will lead you to success."

Qin Chu was deeply moved by what Ms. Yao said#

'Your original aspirations will lead you to success'. That's right, Huo Mian was his aspiration.

He never forgot about it. Seven years ago, Qin Chu was still the same as when he was a young boy.

Even back then, he was brave enough to stand up to his father, announcing that he wanted to marry Huo Mian.

Now, seven years later, he married her. To him, Huo Mian was his ultimate treasure.

After leaving Ms. Yao's home, for some strange reason, neither of them was in a hurry to go home.

Qin Chu drove them to the gates of Second High School, and the pair got off and walked onto the school field.

Second High School was still the most prestigious high school in the city, and its students were still at night class.

There were teachers and supervisors strolling on the field, and bright lights lit up the entire schoolyard.

It was a beautiful evening, and Qin Chu felt more peaceful than ever.

"Nothing's changed here. This place is just as beautiful as I remembered it," Huo Mian exclaimed upon seeing the decorative lights by the edge of the basketball field.

"Have you been back since graduation?" Qin Chu asked.

Huo Mian shook her head. "Only when you took me to Ah-Xin's Ramen shop."

Qin Chu scanned the school, his eyes deep and misty. He sighed and said, "When I was in the United States, I kept dreaming about this place. I still remember every tree and every corner."

"You were basically a legend at Second High." Huo Mian smiled.

"That's all in the past."

"Those days may be behind you, but the legend continues. Those girls never stopped falling crazily in love with you." Huo Mian chuckled.

Back then, she had witnessed girls professing their love for Qin Chu with the cheesiest banners they made and the lamest slogans they came up with.

Something like 'Qin Chu, we love you. We won't falter even if trees falter, and we won't move even if China moves.'

When Huo Mian saw those banners, she was speechless from inside out. She could bet on her life that Qin Chu would never fall in love with those girls.

"What about you? Have you ever fallen crazily in love with me?" Qin Chu suddenly turned his head and asked Huo Mian in all seriousness, his face close to hers.