Chapter 1619: An Unexpected Turn of Events (10)

Rick looked back into Zhixin's eyes with extreme calmness. "I don't want to believe it either, but it's the truth."

"How is that possible? How is that# oh my god#" Zhu Lingling could barely finish her sentence before breaking out in tears.

Jiang Xiaowei sat down in a daze onto her seat, her face as pale as a ghost and her eyes tearing up from the shock and grief.

Wei Liao was grief-stricken as well, but he had to take care of his pregnant wife.

"What will Mian do once she finds out#" Ni Yang sat there as his fists tightened, and Chen Jie cried quietly as she held Ni Yang's arm#

"F*ck, I bet Huo Siqian did it. I'm going to kill him."

Gao Ran finally understood why Su Yu was capable of beating Huo Siqian into a pulp in front of all those reporters.

That piece of sh*t had no bottom line; not only did he manipulate Huo Mian, he also tried time and again to kill Qin Chu# now, he had succeeded.

This time, Gao Ran was really pissed off. He removed the gun from his waist and headed out the door# tears falling as he did.

Gao Ran was a real man, a true man among men. However, today he could no longer hold back his tears.

Rick quickly blocked his way. "It's no use, no matter what you do. I had the same reaction as you when I first found out that Qin Chu's plane crashed. But you have to know that our impulsivity won't help us kill Huo Siqian, he might even use it against us. Yes, we have to avenge our friend. Qin Chu's a brother to me# if you're willing to, we can work together. I'm sure we'll have one way or another to deal with that scumbag, what do you think?"

Upon hearing what Rick said, Gao Ran calmed down quite a lot.

Suddenly, Jiang Xiaowei asked, "The problem right now is# who's going to tell Mian what happened when she comes home?"

Jiang Xiaowei was a diligent and calm woman with extreme logic and rationality; her IQ was not much lower than Huo Mian's, and she was the second-calmest person in their group.

As soon as she asked this question, the group fell silent once again.

"I can't, you guys can do it. I really can't#" Zhu Lingling said between her tears.

"I can't either." Jiang Xiaowei looked away; she couldn't tell something so cruel to Huo Mian.

Just now, the only thing on Zhixin's mind was revenge. However, as soon as he thought of the agony his sister was about to feel, he felt more heartbroken than he already did.

Ni Yang suddenly interjected, "I was thinking, you just said that President Qin went missing. No news right now might be good news# If they can't find his body, perhaps he's still alive, don't you think? We shouldn't be so pessimistic."

"The survival rate is close to zero in this case# Kid, life isn't a movie or TV show, things like that don't happen, do you understand?" Wei Liao said, revealing the cruel reality of life.

No one said anything else#

Rick finally choked back his grief and said, with much difficulty, "I'll tell Huo Mian, I have to apologize to her. This is all my fault. If I didn't force Qin Chu onto the plane, this wouldn't have happened to him."

Gao Ran patted Rick's shoulder. "Don't think that way, you and Qin Chu are great bros, I know you did that for his own good# I also know that you must feel awful that something like this happened. We can't blame you for this, it's not fair. After all that happened, we've been trying so hard to save Qin Chu and Huo Mian, and infighting is not going to solve anything. So Rick, don't blame yourself and don't feel so guilty. I know Qin Chu's chances of living are thin, but I believe that my brother's still alive#"

Gao Ran's words sent everyone present into a fit of tears# Zhu Lingling cried so hard that she looked like she was about to faint.