Chapter 1617: An Unexpected Turn of Events (8)

"The plane crashed# we're not sure what caused it. There are only two possibilities. One, the enemy's spies snuck a bomb onboard. Two, they were attacked from the outside."

"Where's Qin Chu?" Rick felt his heartbeat slow to a stop.

"The plane# exploded. The four bodyguards, the pilot, and the two stewardesses all died# We don't know where Qin Chu is yet."

With a 'bang', his phone fell on the floor.

Rick was completely dumbfounded...

"Rick, Rick, are you still listening? I've already requested the nearest countries to send out search teams# I believe we'll hear from them soon, Rick." No matter what Lino said, he wasn't met with a response.

Rick felt something in his heartbreak...

The plane was ten thousand feet up in the air and blew up instantaneously. Even if there were survivors, it was so high up and dark out.

Beneath them would be the bottomless Pacific Ocean# Were there any possibilities of survival?

Rick knew that although his brother didn't clearly state that Qin Chu died, he was most likely met with that fate.

Sadness, pain, guilt, shock, and many complicated emotions all rushed to his head.

Rick cradled his head in his hands and collapsed on his bed, as he thought he was going to faint.

He instantly lost the ability to think...

If he didn't make Qin Chu board that plane, the crash wouldn't have happened.

If he didn't arrange everything by himself, the plane wouldn't have exploded. 

There was only one thought in Rick's mind, and it was that he killed Qin Chu.

"Ms. Xixi."

"Is Rick here?"

"Boss is inside, but#" Rick's subordinate wasn't sure what to say.

"But what?" Xixi looked worried.

"Boss is in a bad mood, he's been inside the entire day."

When Xixi walked in, Rick had been sitting with his hand on his head for seven hours.

"Rick, why didn't you pick up my calls?" Xixi asked in a very soft voice.

Rick remained silent with his head down, his expression portrayed his decadence...

"What happened?" Xixi approached him and held Rick's hand.

He finally slowly raised his head. "Xixi# Qin Chu# he died."

"You're joking, right?" Xixi was incredibly shocked.

"I'm not# It's all my fault, the plane blew up# Qin Chu's dead."

Rick's voice was hoarse and his eyes were bloodshot.

"How could that be?"

"It must've been that bastard, I'm going to kill Huo Siqian#" When Rick said that, his eyes looked murderous.

Looking at Rick in such a state made Xixi's heartache.

She hugged Rick tightly...

"Xixi, what am I going to do? It's my fault that Qin Chu is dead. What am I supposed to tell Huo Mian? How am I supposed to tell her that her husband died?"

Rick felt tears well up in his eyes.

Xixi's began tearing up as well...

"Rick, it was an accident# nobody could've known. The plane might've blown up, but Qin Chu might still be alive! You have to believe in miracles."

Although she was comforting Rick, Xixi didn't even believe her own words.

After all, it was a plane crash# what were the chances of surviving a plane crash?

"What am I going to do? What am I going to tell Huo Mian?"

At that time, Rick's phone rang...

Xixi looked at it and then at him.

"It's from Gao Ran."

Rick slowly picked up the phone.

"Hey, Rick."


"Did Qin Chu land in America yet? Why can't my calls get through to him?"