Chapter 1615: An Unexpected Turn of Events (6)

"Mhm, I heard that the commander's grandson is a very good friend of yours."

"That's right." Huo Mian nodded.

"That boy worked so hard for you# He even pushed the commander to his last straw# Haha, I can see that he's someone who values friendships."

"Then# Professor, am I free now?"

Huo Mian looked at Dr. Luo with disbelief.

"That's correct# You'll be safe in our hands. Listen, this is how we managed to get you out. I proclaimed that you're my only student and that you have a military rank. The commander took care of that for you. You're a second class officer in the Military Doctor Department. So no matter what you did, you will have to undergo trial in military court first. Your case is pretty serious, so we can't exactly just let you go# You have to stay here for a few more days, we'll give you a checkup and look for a reason. We can say that you're ill and that you're being taken away on medical parole. Once that's approved, you can leave and go abroad."


Huo Mian didn't think that her affair would be easily resolved.

As if he could tell what Huo Mian was thinking, Professor Luo asked, "Are you wondering why we got you out so easily?"

"Mhm." Huo Mian nodded in honesty.

"Kid, I'm telling you it wasn't simple at all# An observant person can easily see through it. To be frank, how you got out isn't important, what's important is who is getting you out# I've known the commander for so many years, and he lived a just life. He never cheated or abused his powers for his own gain. Even when his own grandson was in the military, he didn't give him special treatment# But this time, he did so much for you. It can only mean one thing."

"What thing?" Huo Mian looked at Dr. Luo with curiosity.

"That boy, Su Yu successfully threatened his grandpa," Professor Luo slowly said.

Huo Mian felt strange after hearing that.

How did Su Yu manage to convince his grandpa into doing something of this magnitude?

At that moment, Dr. Luo jokingly said, "If you weren't married, I would think that you'd become a new member of the Su Family one day#"

"Professor, you're kidding. I'm not nearly lucky enough to be a part of the Su Family." Huo Mian's face reddened immediately.

She wasn't used to Dr. Luo making this kind of joke, as he was much older than Huo Mian was.

"Okay, if you're clear on everything, you can rest easy. You're going to have to stay here for the next few days. After your physical examination finishes, we'll devise a plan and request for medical parole."

"Okay. Thank you, Professor."

"Don't thank me, thank the commander and that boy." After speaking, Professor Luo left with a smile on his face.

Huo Mian was brought to a clean room that was comparable to a five-star hotel.

The environment was great. It was heaven compared to the prison cell.

She didn't ask Dr. Luo where she was, but she could guess that she was in Jing City, since that was where he worked.

Huo Mian's mind wandered thinking about what Dr. Luo had said...

She also wondered if Rick sent Qin Chu away yet.

She wondered if Huo Siqian would stop them and if Qin Chu would be in danger.

It was another sleepless night.

At 4:15 in the morning.

Rick was woken up by a phone call...

His head immediately cleared when he saw who it was from. He picked up and asked, "Lino, what's going on?"


The person on the other side of the phone was silent for a few seconds...

Then, Lino said in perfect English, "The plane got into an accident over the Pacific Ocean five minutes ago. It crashed."

"What# what did you say?" Rick felt as if he was struck by thunder and couldn't move.