Chapter 1614: An Unexpected Turn of Events (5)

"Not yet# We have no idea how long it's going to take for Huo Mian to be completely free. We all want you to leave first# Huo Siqian is being too quiet lately, it's scary. I can't let my guard down against him, he might do something despicable# You know, even Lu Yan can't handle him and had to leave# The six years where Huo Siqian disappeared can't be that simple. From now on, we can't underestimate him# He's not even scared of Lu Yan#"

Rick said all this with an extremely serious expression on his face.

Who was Lu Yan? She was Huo Mian's blood sister, the infamous number one criminal on Interpol's list.

She was an extremely talented mercenary who grew up learning to dodge a rain of bullets.

She was always hunting down others or being hunted...

She once organized a gigantic explosion that killed the leader of a Middle Eastern terrorist organization and made a name for herself.

It was said that the jobs she took were each worth at least a billion dollars. She never took anything less than that.

The last time she came to C City, she blew up an underground money laundering scheme. Apparently, it was a mission worth 1.5 billion dollars.

If Huo Siqian wasn't afraid to face such a terrifying girl, it was clear that he knew what Lu Yan was capable of long ago.

He was also confident that she couldn't do anything to him...

In Rick's mind, if it was that difficult to deal with someone, there was no way he would let Qin Chu stay. 

He must go to America first# They could discuss the rest later.

"Rick#" Qin Chu seemed like he was going to say something.

"Bro, stay safe. I'll go find you when everything dies down. If you see my brother, say hi to him for me."

The usually calm and cold Rick smiled.

He could finally help Huo Mian and let Qin Chu leave safely.

Huo Siqian would never be able to anticipate Qin Chu's unusual departure.

Rick would escort him to international waters with a helicopter, where he would then be picked up by someone on the other side...

The entire exchange would happen in mid-air...

That way, there would be no disruptions...

Rick accompanied Qin Chu onto the helicopter and the duo headed towards international waters. 

In the middle of the night...

A gigantic black jet circled the area at the time of the pickup.

Rick finally transferred Qin Chu after he made sure that they were his brother's men with a secret code.

He then waved Qin Chu goodbye.

Huo Mian, on the other side, was brought blindfolded onto a plane.

She didn't know where she was going, but she knew that she would be safe.

Because if she stayed in prison, she would be executed in three days. Being able to leave at this time was a good sign.

She was brought to a secret organization. When Huo Mian opened her eyes and saw who was in front of her, she was truly shocked.

"Huo Mian, do you still recognize me?" The person across from her smiled.

"Dr# Dr. Luo."

She wasn't a stranger to this person. Dr. Luo was an incredibly famous doctor whom Su Yu invited from the capital back when Qin Chu was shot.

Professor Luo was fond of Huo Mian's talent, and he even personally called to invite her to Jing City, hoping to teach her.

Huo Mian politely refused, and they hadn't been in contact ever since.

It had been so long, so it was a big surprise for her to see Professor Luo again.

"Good, you still remember my old bones."

"Professor, what's going on, why are you here?" Huo Mian looked confused.

Professor Luo looked at Huo Mian, gently smiled, and said, "I'm here under Commander Su's request#"

"Commander Su, do you mean Su Yu's grandfather?" Huo Mian was in disbelief.

She couldn't believe that such a big character would partake in her whole ordeal.