Chapter 1613: An Unexpected Turn of Events (4)

"I don't have anything to say# I'm going to leave now, you guys carry on."

After speaking, Su Yu stood up to leave...

"Yu is acting so weird today#" Tang Chuan said.

"Is he giving up on Mian?" Zhu Lingling pouted and asked.

"No, I know what he's like. He must be going crazy in his head, and the only thing he can think about right now is saving Huo Mian."

That night after work, Su Yu drove back to the Su Estate for dinner.

At the dinner table, Mr. Su kept on discussing what happened yesterday, and Su Yu didn't talk back.

Mrs. Su, on the other hand, continued to place food in her son's bowl. "Yu, have some more."

"Yu, come play chess with me after dinner," his grandfather requested.

"Okay," Su Yu agreed, which he rarely did before today.

- Inside the chess room -

Su Yu arranged the chess board and shouted, "Grandpa, we can start."

The old man came in, looked at the pre-arranged board, and was a little stunned by what he saw. "What are you playing at?"

He had been checkmated by his grandson already. He didn't know what the arrangement meant.

When he was thinking, he saw Su Yu kneel down.

"Yu, what are you doing?"

"Grandpa, please save Huo Mian."

"Who's Huo Mian#" Grandpa Su had clearly forgotten about the incident already.

"She's the female suspect of the 327 murder."

"Nonsense# I already said that it's impossible. Our family can't intervene, even if we tried."

"Grandpa, please# I've never begged for anything but this#" Su Yu's eyes were bloodshot.

"I really can't, Yu# I've turned a blind eye to all your shenanigans over the years, but this# It's too big and too much is involved# I'm getting old, and I don't want everything I built to be ruined."

Grandpa Su's attitude was absolute as he turned around and sat down at the table.

"You're really putting me into a corner# You even checkmated me, ah#" Grandpa Su looked at the game and sighed.

After three seconds of silence...

Su Yu silently lifted his right hand, in which he was holding a black pistol.

"Yu, what are you doing?" Grandpa Su's face changed.

"Grandpa, if you don't comply, the only thing I can do is to kill myself in front of you."

"You bastard, how can you threaten me?" Grandpa Su enlisted in his youth and spent his whole life in the military. He had seen everything# seeing his grandson pointing a pistol to his temple and threatening suicide was one of the only things that made Grandpa Su's heart tremble.

He knew that Su Yu wasn't a kid who liked threatening others. He followed through on whatever he said, that was why he was so scared.

"Grandpa, I'm giving you three seconds. Think about it. You can curse me a million times, but I can't watch her die#"

"Su Yu#" Grandpa Su clenched his teeth in fury.



When he almost counted to three, Su Yu's finger lightly rested on the trigger...

"Stop, I'll do it." Grandpa Su finally broke down, and Su Yu secretly let out a sigh of relief in his heart.

He knew that his grandfather would agree for sure, but he needed a lot of courage to point a gun to his head.

"You little brat... You're such a loser, don't tell people you are my grandson."

Grandpa Su was a little angry as he flicked Su Yu's head and left the chess room.

Grandpa Su lost before he even started playing the game of chess...

- Inside a jail cell in C City -

"Huo Mian."


"Come with me, I'm taking you somewhere."

"Is it my execution?" Huo Mian indifferently asked.

"No, we're transferring you# There's been a change of things. Anyways, you can leave this place now."

The warden didn't say much more and brought Huo Mian out of the prison in the night. They secretly used an armored car to escort her away.

When Mayor Song found out about this, he smashed an expensive tea set that was worth more than a couple of million yuan.

"Mayor Song# we can't do anything about it, the military intervened."

"They don't have the ability to intervene in our business." Mayor Song was furious.

"The capital called, the famous military doctor, Dr. Luo, said that Huo Mian was her only student and had a military rank# She has to be sent to the military court for trial and is no longer under our jurisdiction," the Director of the City Bureau nervously explained.

"Where's that woman right now?"

"She was taken away by the military."

With a bang, Mayor Song threw his phone onto the ground...

- At the Huo Family Mansion -

"Sir, there's news from prison. Ms. Huo was taken away."

"By who?" This time, even Huo Siqian was shocked.