Chapter 1612: An Unexpected Turn of Events (3)

"Stand up!" Mr. Su scolded immediately, and Su Yu got up reluctantly.

"Su Yu! How old are you? Are you still a kid? How dare you get into a fight, you're almost thirty, do you know that?" Mr. Su yelled loudly, his face red with fury.

"I had my reasons," Su Yu simply replied with four words.

"What reasons could you possibly have that would drive you towards insanity and make you beat someone up in front of the media? Not to mention the identity of the person you beat up!" Mr. Su questioned.

"It's a long story." (TL Note: it's four words in Chinese)

"You bastard! Are you playing the four-word game with me?" Mr. Su was fuming. He had spoken so much only to have his son reply with four words to him each time.

"Dad, just calm down." As Su Yu finished speaking another four words, Grandpa Su finally couldn't hold it and let out a chuckle.

"Dad, what are you laughing at! Look at this little bastard! You've spoiled him too much!" Mr. Su said to Grandpa Su.

"I've never seen you so literate when you were enlisted, kid. Next thing you know, you'll be writing classic Chinese poems." Grandpa Su smiled at his grandson.

"Now, let's see what the media is writing 每 They're saying you beat up that Huo Corporation's President because you were jealous. They're also saying the two of you are fighting over a popular female celebrity, is that true?"

"Those are groundless accusations, and distortion of facts."

"You're playing the four-word game with me now?" Mr. Su questioned.

"It's eight words this time, Dad," Su Yu replied calmly.

Mr. Su was just about to go off when Grandpa Su put out his arm and stopped his son.

"Yu, all I want to know is, why did you get into a fight?"

"He pissed me off," Su Yu answered again in four words.

"Yu, you can't be so impulsive anymore. Every action you take and every word you say represents our entire family."

"Grandpa, I will take the consequences for my own actions. If they want to throw me in jail, then let them. I'm not scared."

"Bullshit. If they throw you in, they're basically slapping my face. You're my grandson, I won't let that happen. Listen, I'm not blaming you, I just want to tell you that as a public figure, you shouldn't be so hot-headed."

"I know, Grandpa. But, I just think, as a man, if matters can be solved with a couple of punches, then we really shouldn't waste time bickering."

"How do you have the audacity to say that?" Mr. Su pointed at Su Yu and yelled out.

"Yu, tell your father you are sorry and apologize," Mrs. Su said gently.

"It's not like I beat up my dad, why do I have to be sorry and apologize?" Su Yu asked innocently. 

Mommy Su, Daddy Su, and Grand-Daddy Su were all at a loss for words for a bit.

"Su Yu, I'm telling you right now, this is not over! When I finish cleaning up this mess, you will get your ass to Jing City. Screw this damn entertainment company, you are no longer allowed to do it anymore! From now on, you're learning banking management and taking over the family business!"

"Sorry, President Su, I have no interest." As Su Yu finished speaking, he walked upstairs to his room.

"Dad, look at this bastard! What kind of attitude is this?" Mr. Su felt so angry that he thought he was going to have a heart attack.

Su Yu, on the other hand, was as calm as a clam. Nothing anyone said got to him, it was as if the family meeting never happened.

"Kids nowadays have their own way of thinking. He's all grown up now, we shouldn't dictate what he does," said Grandpa Su, clearly on his grandson's side.

- Next Morning -

The news of Huo Mian's death penalty spread across the nation.

At six in the morning, all media channels fought to be the first one to publish this news on their headlines.

Jiang Xiaowei had asked Wei Liao to call Su Yu, and then she invited Gao Ran, Zhu Lingling, Zhixin, and everyone to discuss possible plans.

In the end, it was Gao Ran who told everyone that Rick was going to break Huo Mian out from prison.

Jiang Xiaowei didn't say anything, but she felt weary. She had a feeling that Huo Siqian still had undealt cards in his hands.

Su Yu, on the other hand, remained silent from beginning to end.

"Su Yu, say something! Why aren't you talking? We're all so worried," Tang Chuan took the initiative and asked anxiously.