Chapter 161: The Truth

Chapter 161: The Truth
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Chapter 161 - The Truth

Huo Mian quickly picked up her bag from the couch and hurled it at the person coming in.

When she saw who it was, it was already too late#

Qin Chu was shocked to be welcomed home by Huo Mian like this.

The good thing was that he had fast reflexes and caught the bag with his hand. Otherwise, it would have hurt his head.

"Um#why are you back? I thought you were on a business trip?" Huo Mian was flabbergasted.

"I canceled it for now," Qin Chu mumbled. He took a look at Huo Mian's bag. "What do you carry every day? It's so heavy."

Huo Mian felt awkward. She dry-coughed a couple of times before snatching the bag and hiding it behind her. "Hm#not much, just some daily necessities."

As for the business trip, all Qin Chu told Huo Mian was that it was canceled on short notice.

Here was in fact what happened: the trip was only supposed to be three days, but when the company in Taiwan heard that GK's President would appear in person, he added some more locations for Qin Chu to visit to attract GK's investment.

Then, the trip was extended to six days. Including the time spent on the plane, it was eight days in total.

Qin Chu thought about it, but not being able to see Huo Mian for eight days? He wasn't happy about it at all.

It was then that he immediately decided to cancel his trip to Taipei, and instead rearranged to visit the construction of the branch company in a neighboring city the next morning.

When the Taipei company heard about it, they were anxious, but no matter how hard they tried to convince him, Qin Chu still refused to go.

GK had previously conducted research into that Taipei company, and the project was potentially huge for GK.

The board members and high-level executives all felt that it would be a loss if the president didn't go.

However, no one had the guts to tell him. They were afraid to piss the president off, which was basically setting themselves on fire.

In the end, it was Assistant Yang who boldly asked, "President Qin, perhaps we should get someone else to go to Taipei."

"That sounds good. Tell one of the employees in the marketing department to go." With this, Qin Chu sent the director of the marketing department to Taipei.

He, on the other hand, went home after getting off work at 5 PM but was almost smashed in the head.

"Get changed, I want to take you somewhere," Qin Chu said.

"Where?" Huo Mian was curious. She hoped that it wasn't a business dinner; she told him that she didn't want to make their relationship public.

"We're going to go see Ms. Yao.I hear she's going back to New Zealand."

As soon as she heard that they were going to see Ms. Yao, she immediately got a jacket and followed Qin Chu out the door.

Ms. Yao lived in an old apartment inside the Second Ring Road District. Back then, that place was allocated to her.

Her daughter had then brought her to New Zealand to enjoy her retirement. However, she still liked to stay at that place when she came back.

Qin Chu opened the trunk; he bought a lot of high-quality supplements for her. Huo Mian sometimes thought that Qin Chu was great at paying attention to details like this.

He took everything into account, even if she didn't.

Ms. Yao was happy to see the two of them, and the maid even made them dinner.

The food was simple but delicious, and Qin Chu and Huo Mian stayed to eat with them.

As they ate, they talked about a lot of things that happened when they were in high school. Finally, Ms. Yao looked at Qin Chu and Huo Mian and said earnestly, "Remember that it takes a hundred years of cultivation to be able to ride in the same boat, and a thousand years of cultivation to be able to sleep in the same bed. Relationships don't happen easily. Throughout my lifetime, I always believed that the truth behind love is having someone who will pour you a glass of hot water when you're sick and hang up clothes for you after washing them. Even if the couple bickers, they must remember to hug each other afterward. Once romance and lust fade, being there for each other through thick and thin is the best way to express love. Roses and cheesy confessions may be important, but, ultimately, love is a promise; it's swearing to never leave. Once the sun sets on your youth, you'll realize that the great things that happened will all still be there."

Qin Chu and Huo Mian were touched by her words#

"Do you know why the divorce rate is so high right now, but not back in my day?"

They shook their heads after hearing Ms. Yao's question.