Chapter 1608: Life on the Line (9)

"What... what did you say?" Su Yu asked in distress as he grabbed Gao Ran's collar and asked. 

"She will be sentenced to death# and the execution will happen in three days. They'll publicly announce that tomorrow morning. Due to Huo Mian's special circumstances, where she came forward herself, she doesn't need to go through first and second trial and will be sentenced directly. But, Mayor Song definitely played a part in Huo Mian getting sentenced to death so quickly."

"F*ck!" Su Yu swore out loud.

At this time, a middle-aged man dressed in a suit walked in.

"I'm Commander Su's lawyer, and I'm here to bail Young Master Su out," the man said matter-of-factly.

The police dropped their attitude immediately upon hearing the man was Commander Su's lawyer...

"Su Yu, you can't be like this anymore. For you to go out and do that doesn't make any difference. We need to stay level-headed. The most important thing right now is to get Huo Mian out. I think we should call a meeting. Now that Zhixin is back, we can also gather Qin Chu, Xiaowei, and everyone else. We'll come up with something."

"No need, I have my ways." Su Yu shrugged Gao Ran's hand off and walked out angrily.

Su Yu was not at all satisfied with the police forces' attitude, because these cops never even tried to find the truth.

Qin Chu and Huo Mian were two innocent individuals that had both been jailed while the real murderer, Huo Siqian, was still out there, doing whatever he wanted.

Not only was he displeased by the police force, he was also a little disgusted. He had no intention of meeting with Gao Ran and the so-called "everyone" to discuss this situation.

As soon as Su Yu left, Gao Ran dialed Qin Chu's number, but it went straight to voicemail. Therefore, he dialed Zhixin's number.


"Brother Gao Ran."

"Where are you?"

"Sky Blessing Court."

"Have you had contact with your brother-in-law recently?"

"We talked yesterday, he said he's going out of town for business and will call me once he's done."

"Oh no, that idiot, could it be that he..?" Gao Ran didn't dare to think ahead, and he immediately ordered his subordinates to investigate Qin Chu's whereabouts. After a while, he was able to find out he was last seen at the Seductive Fox. Not only that, the report also showed Qin Chu had never left the Seductive Fox.

Immediately, Gao Ran made a call to Rick.

"Is Qin Chu at Seductive Fox?"


"Tell him to answer the phone."

"He's not available at the moment," Rick answered without much emotion.

"Not available? What does that mean? Is he hurt?" Gao Ran asked wearily.



"Qin Chu is at Seductive Fox, and he's safe. I promised Huo Mian that I'll keep him safe, so I've restrained him right now. Don't worry, I won't allow him to go after Huo Siqian."

Gao Ran listened carefully to Rick and understood the situation immediately.

"So, what about Huo Mian? What should we do? How are we going to get her out?" Gao Ran asked again.

"I'll have my guys break Huo Mian out and make arrangements to have her sent to the U.S to meet with Qin Chu."

"To meet Qin Chu in the U.S? You mean#." Gao Ran was surprised.

"Yes. I've made arrangements to send Qin Chu to the U.S tomorrow night. Since he is Huo Siqian's main target, he can't stay here for long. This is also what Huo Mian wanted."

"Okay, I understand now." Upon hearing Rick's arrangements, Gao Ran let out a sigh of relief. It now looks like the death penalty isn't that bad at all, because after all, before it could happen, they will think of a way to rescue Huo Mian.

In the backroom of Seductive Fox.

The anesthesia was slowly wearing off, and Qin Chu slowly regained consciousness.

"You're awake?" Rick sat on the sofa across from him and asked calmly.