Chapter 1607: Life on the Line (8)

"Su Yu, you're insane. We're in public right now," Huo Siqian murmured as he lay on the floor, staring at Su Yu.

Su Yu simply held Huo Siqian down with an arm and punched him repeatedly with the other. Each strike came fast and furious without any hesitation.

"Yeah, that's right, asshole. I wanted to beat you up in public, so I can rip that disgusting mask of yours off. You son of a bitch, you'd rather destroy Huo Mian than see her happy." As Su Yu spoke, he threw down another punch at Huo Siqian's face.

Huo Siqian had every right to fight back, and it would be considered self-defense if he did. But, he didn't. He simply laid on the ground and took every hit from Su Yu like a defenseless weakling.

"Oh, I see this is about Mian! No wonder you're so furious. But, do you think she would thank you? After all that you've done for her?" Huo Siqian chuckled.

Su Yu furrowed his brows. "I'm not the same as you. I don't need her to thank me, I just need her to be well, and I'll be content."

"Oh? Is that so? Your love is so selfless, good for you. But unfortunately, I'm not selfless like you. I have my way of doing things 每 honestly, I would rather destroy the things I don't have. Qin Chu will never be able to have her, so it doesn't matter if you punch me to death right now. Haha, did you not get the news? My father-in-law already commanded that she receive the penalty three days from now. Tomorrow, the entire city will find out that she's going to be shot to death... Young Master Su, do you know what that means? It means a bullet will shoot through her head, travel through the skull and blast her brains out! After that, Huo Mian will no longer exist in this world. She won't belong to you, me, and most definitely, she won't belong to Qin Chu. Hahaha! Do you know what I call that? Perfection," Huo Siqian laughed, his eyes beaming with a twisted degree of insanity while the rest of his face soaked in blood.

It was as if a bullet entered Su Yu's brain as his mind went blank upon hearing Huo Siqian finish his words. He had never felt a stronger hatred for anyone other than the man that was lying in front of him. Without processing, he raised his fist again, brought it down onto Huo Siqian, and repeated...

The media in the crowd captured every punch, and by the time the police arrived, Huo Siqian's face was covered in bruises.

Su Yu's fist on the other hand, was covered in both his and Huo Siqian's blood.

"President Su, please come with us, you're under arrest for intentional injury," the policeman said wearily.

Su Yu got up while breathing hard. Nonchalantly, he walked in large strides as he left the scene with the police. Huo Siqian followed as well, and he immediately slapped back at Su Yu with an intentional injury lawsuit.

That same night, every media channel published the same news article 每 @Extremely Spoiled Child of Senior Cadre beats Up Corporate CEO, Showing No Respect Towards the Law.

The news article angered many netizens who didn't know the full story.

For all they cared, Su Yu used his powerful background to bully a regular citizen because he thought that he was above the law.

But most importantly, Huo Siqian's act as a weakling to gain empathy worked. From the beginning to the end, he never returned a single punch and took all the hits without dodging. His pitiful act succeeded and received much empathy from everyone.

The discussion pretty much swayed to his side, and his side only.

Su Yu was sitting in one of the police cells as Gao Ran stared at him wearily.

"Su Yu, don't you think you were a little impulsive?"

"I can't stand that bastard swaggering through the streets."

"Yeah, but you still can't beat him up!"

"It's fine, now that I've beaten him up, I've worked off my anger."

"Yeah, and now you're held in custody." Gao Ran didn't know whether he should laugh or cry.

"Only for 48 hours, I don't care."

"Yeah, but he filed an intentional injury lawsuit against you."

"I still don't care."

"But do you know the court will be pronouncing the judgment for Huo Mian's case tomorrow morning?" Gao Ran said seriously.

"What's the judgment?" Su Yu got up immediately and looked at Gao Ran with panic in his eyes. He was afraid what Huo Siqian had said was true.

Gao Ran replied with silence.

"Tell me!" Su Yu roared.

"Death penalty, in three days," Gao Ran finally said.

Su Yu's head went blank as he stumbled back and tumbled down to the bench next to him.