Chapter 1606: Life on the Line (7)

"The Qin Family will be taking their private jet tonight and flying to the U.S. But, the crew members were replaced by a couple of Huo Siqian's people, it looks like they will take action tonight and kill the Qin Family."

"I wasn't expecting them to be so vicious." Surprised, the young girl put down the glass of wine.

"Should we provide assistance?"

"Of course. Send back-up to them immediately, no one can touch the Qin Family," the girl ordered. She knew that the Qin Family was now her sister's family, and Huo Mian must love them a lot. Therefore, she would never let anything happen to them.

"Yes, Boss."

"Huo Siqian is such a psychopath. No wonder my sister doesn't like her, I wouldn't either. He's got no humanity, he's simply despicable."

The girl was running out of words to describe him. She had never underestimated him and had always known he has his own force of power in Germany.

Despite the fact that no one ever found anything about his time in Germany, she had a feeling that he must be closely connected to a certain group. If not, he would never be able to gather up so much discreet information, especially about what had happened in Dong Tao Town.

She also suspected that her current whereabouts were revealed to her nemesis by Huo Siqian.

Was it because he wanted to stop her? Did he want to stop her from saving Huo Mian?

Her people had left to provide back-up to the Qin Family.

The girl sat in the presidential suite for a moment and pondered to herself. She then got up and took out a towel to prep for a shower.

Right at the moment, there was a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" she asked.

"Room service."

The girl walked over. The moment the door opened, the waiter pointed a gun to her head and fired.

The girl reacted instantly and dodged to the side. She whipped out the towel in her hand and flung it at the waiter.

Too many things had happened since she set foot on this land.

She was stopped by the customs at the airport, encountered road accidents, and was also chased by her arch nemesis.

Now, her nemesis even sent an assassin to her hotel room. Will they ever give her a moment to take a breath?

But, the good thing is that she was well trained. If it were someone else, they would have died a hundred times and over.

However, she also felt a little regretful that she showed up here. Not because she was afraid of dying, but because she was afraid she might have brought on more trouble to her sister.

She was more than used to having people chase after her since they had been after her for years. But, if they were to ever find out about her sister's identity# Then, the calm days would be over. In the end, it turns out, her father was right.

- The next morning -

The city's government leaders and important businessmen gathered in front of the Huo Corporation's doorway for an opening ceremony.

The media waited patiently to capture the perfect moment.

On the stage, Huo Siqian wore a bright red suit. On his face, he wore a smug smile.

"Next, we'll invite President Huo to cut the ribbon!"

Huo Siqian took the giant gold-plated pair of scissors and was in the middle of cutting the ribbon before someone jumped onto the stage without a word and threw punches at his face.

"Ah! There's a fight!" the audience screamed as they watched the events unfold on the stage. The opening ceremony turned into complete chaos as the media focused all its efforts to capture the moment.

After a little bit, everyone was finally able to see the face of the fight picker 每 Su Yu.

"Oh my gosh! This is a big deal! Young Master Su is beating up President Huo! Hurry up and take photos!" The reporters pushed their way towards the stage as cameras flashed from every direction. There were even reporters doing live reports, "The Huo Corporation's opening ceremony took a turn when Su Yu, the president of Imperial Star Entertainment, clearly emotional, jumped onto the stage and began beating Huo Siqian. Please take a look at what's happening behind me."