Chapter 1605: Life on the Line (6)

Qin Chu felt the back of his neck go numb as he was getting up and walking towards the door. He had just enough time to whirl around and glance over at Rick in disbelief. "Rick, you#"

However, before he could finish, he passed out and fell to the floor.

"I'm sorry, I can't watch you pursue your own death. I made a promise to Huo Mian that I'd keep you safe," Rick murmured to himself as he stood over Qin Chu.

Using anesthesia on Qin Chu was not his first choice, but it was the only option at hand. Qin Chu was too stubborn, it looked like he was willing to risk his own life just to take down Huo Siqian.

Now that Rick was also in love, he understood Qin Chu. Qin Chu was determined to ensure Huo Mian's life would be free of troubles in the future, even if it meant that he needed to smash himself into pieces.

This was all because Qin Chu loved Huo Mian dearly; he never wanted to see her in harm's way, not even a little.

But then, Rick thought, if Huo Mian lost Qin Chu, would it matter to her if she was safe for the rest of her life?

Would she be happy? Of course not. She will most definitely suffer through the rest of her life in the thoughts of losing Qin Chu.

"Boss, what should we do with Mr. Qin?" Rick's men walked in and asked.

"Take him into the back room first and remember to cuff him. Once the anesthesia wears off, you guys won't be able to handle him."

"Yes Sir." Rick's men nodded as they carried Qin Chu out of the room.

Rick walked out of the office, his face sagged as he felt worn and exhausted.

Right at this time, a girl wearing a dark green dress quickly walked towards Rick and wrapped her arms around his intimately. "What's wrong? Are you tired?"


"Are you still worried about Huo Mian and Qin Chu?"


"Lighten up, Huo Mian is a kind girl, nothing will happen to her."

"Xixi, things are not as simple as you make them to be," Rick replied, a wave of tenderness roaring in his eyes as he stared into the girl's eyes.

"But it's not as complicated as you make it to be either. You think I don't get it, but really, it's just about Huo Mian and Qin Chu being in love and that asshole Huo Siqian wants in."

"But the main problem is that right now, Huo Mian is a murderer. She's waiting in jail for her trial." At the thought of Huo Mian still being in jail, Rick felt an overwhelming amount of pressure sinking in his heart.

"Huo Mian is not a murderer, she would never kill anyone. She's just trying to protect her husband and her husband is not a murderer either. It's a trap set up by that asshole."

"Xixi, you believe Huo Mian?" Rick lovingly stroked Xixi's hair.

"Of course! I've always taken Huo Mian as my idol. I know all about the things that she did. I know about her acting beyond her authority to save a mother and child even though she got sued. I don't believe a kind girl like her would be a murderer, and I don't believe she would use such a cruel way to kill someone. The truth lies clear to those that want to see it."

Upon hearing what Xixi said, a spark ignited in Rick's eyes as he looked happily at his girlfriend.

"I will try my best." Rick was not someone that spoke a lot, but this was his promise to his friends.

In the presidential suite of a five-star hotel.

A girl with stunning looks crawled through the window agilely.

"Boss, are you okay?"

"I'm fine. I already blew them into pieces."

"This is extremely odd, we've been very discreet about our whereabouts. How did his people figure out we're here? Did someone purposely reveal us?" The subordinate wondered.

The young girl walked over to the wine rack and poured herself a glass of red wine. She swirled the glass in her hand and took a sip. "Don't underestimate the people here. They're rather good at their craft. Even Huo Siqian has some tricks up his sleeves. He's got a lot of people investigating him and the six years he spent in Germany, and they all came up with nothing. I have to admit, he's hard to deal with."

"Boss, there's something else I need to tell you."

"What is it?" the girl lifted her chin slightly and asked.