Chapter 1603: Life on the Line (4)

"Good# It seems like she can't hold it anymore. She's really a great sister to Mian." Huo Siqian smirked...

"Boss, if she's here, we'll be in danger. Should we call in more men?"

His men seemed to be afraid of this woman.

"No, I only have to make one call," Huo Siqian said as he picked up his phone and dialed a number...

He said a very lengthy sentence in German before hanging up.

"It's done. I'm sending her a welcome gift." Huo Siqian smiled.

- At the gate of the C City International Airport - 

A long-haired girl who was wearing black sunglasses had her hands in her black coat pockets as she walked out from the international arrivals gate with two muscular men behind her.

"Hello, we are Chinese customs officers and we suspect that you're bringing in illegal items. Please cooperate with our investigation." Two armed police officers suddenly walked up and blocked the girl's path.

The girl took off her sunglasses, smiled, and asked, "Officer, you must be mistaken. I am just a student."

"Do you have your student ID with you?"

"Yes#" Smiling, she took out a card from her bag and handed it to them.

The officer scanned it and said with a straight face, "We found unknown substances on you when you passed through the security check. Please cooperate with us."

"But I'm in a hurry to do something." The girl pouted.

"Please cooperate with our check. It won't be long, thank you."

At this moment, the two men behind the girl seemed eager to make a move.

The girl immediately raised her hand and made a signal for them to stand down.

She then smiled and said, "Okay, I'll cooperate with you."

"We need them to come with us as well."

"Sure." Smiling, the girl followed the two officers.

The two men followed the girl closely with cold ruthless looks in their eyes.

When they passed by a quiet hallway, the girl made a move and forcefully strangled one of the officers' neck.

The two men immediately jumped to stop the other one.

"Mike, leave them alive, don't kill them," the girl loudly reminded them after knocking out the officer in her hands.

Her men nodded and knocked out the other one too...

"Boss, cops are so annoying to deal with. Can't we get rid of them?"

"I don't want to leave tracks here."

Wiping her hands with a white handkerchief, she left with her men. 

"I have an uneasy feeling," the girl quietly said.

"What feeling?"

"I feel like someone is onto us. These two cops are probably just the beginning#"

The girl thought that her trip this time wasn't going as smoothly as the last. She was investigated immediately after getting off the plane.

Her dad was right, C City wasn't a safe place to be.

- At the First Hospital -

"Chu, you really aren't leaving with us?" Qin Chu's uncle looked at his nephew in all seriousness and asked.

"Uncle, you should leave tonight and take care of my father. After I finish with this business, Mian and I will meet you there#"

"Chu, I'm a bit worried. Should I stay?" Qin Ning was concerned.

"No, you all have to leave. None of you can stay."

Qin Chu's standpoint was absolute...

He prepared a chartered plane as he was afraid that Huo Siqian's minions would tamper with their trip. Qin Chu's parents, uncle, and cousin were all leaving on this plane.

"If so, we'll wait for you in Hawaii. Be safe," Qin Chu's uncle reminded him.

"I know#"

After settling everything, Qin Chu was the first to leave the hospital. However, he was stopped by a fiery Ferrari at a corner.

"Rick#" Qin Chu quietly said.

"Follow me to Seductive Fox, I have to talk to you."

"I have something urgent to do, I'll look for you after I finish."

"No, now. Get off the car." Rick pointed a gun at Qin Chu with a cold and serious expression on his face.