Chapter 1600: Life on the Line (1)

"Not yet. I'm not sure if the trial will take place here or somewhere else. We're all waiting."

"Alright," said Huo Siqian as he looked over his favorite picture of Huo Mian once more.

"Boss# why don't we just find another scapegoat? Then Miss Huo can get out of jail."

"Then what? Fly away with Qin Chu?" Huo Siqian asked.

The man immediately fell quiet...

"You've worked for me for a long time now. You should know by now that I wouldn't do something so stupid. Mian's already provided them with so much irrefutable evidence that everyone believes that she's the murderer. I can't find anyone to replace her now. It's not going to be convincing enough, which would just make things worse."

"But if we're too late, I'm scared that Miss Huo will be in danger. I've heard that Mayor Song has eyes in prison as well. I'm scared that they'll hurt Miss Huo..."

"Don't worry about that. Even if Song Qingguo wanted to touch her, he wouldn't dare to do it in jail. He's not that brave. I know what I'm doing. You can leave."

"Yes, Boss."

After his minion left, Huo Siqian turned on his computer screen.

His desktop displayed a beautiful island with great scenery...

It was a private island somewhere in the southern Pacific Ocean. It did not exist on maps and was private property.

Huo Siqian bought the island a year ago. After a great deal of work, the island turned into an ocean paradise, comparable to the Maldives.

He thought that he would bring Mian there if she ever came back.

They would spend their days there, like living in divinity.

Huo Mian's actions this time truly took Huo Siqian by surprise.

It was completely shocking, but he could accept it. The girl was a genius, after all. The fact that her mind worked differently than most people's made a lot of sense to him.

No one knew what Huo Siqian was thinking, but he had actually already devised a perfect plan.

Knowing Mayor Song, the man would do everything in his power to execute Huo Mian, quickly too.

Huo Siqian would arrange for someone to die for Huo Mian on the day of her execution. He would then create a fire and torch up the dead body, making the corpse unrecognizable.

That way, everyone would believe that Huo Mian was really dead.

He would then take her to his private island.

He wasn't going to drug her, nor did he need to make her lose her memory. He loved Huo Mian just the way she was. 

As long as he detained her and spent the rest of his life with her on the island, everything would be worth it.

A lifetime was very long. They had decades. He believed that Huo Mian would eventually fall in love with him...

He was so close to this wish of his he could taste it. 

Looking at the island on his desktop, he smiled tenderly.

"Mian# we'll be together very soon# Wait just a little while longer and we'll be together in a heavenly paradise, one that only belongs to the two of us..."

After everything was over, he would have just one more thing to do - kill Qin Chu.

Otherwise, Qin Chu will never let Huo Mian and I go# he thought.

- The Mayor's Office -

Mayor Song's personal cell phone rang...

He took out his phone, looked at the caller ID, and glanced around at his surroundings. He only picked up after he was sure he was alone.


"Mayor, I don't have the opportunity to get her. There are too many people protecting her, from multiple forces. Even the warden comes to see her every day. I'm really trying# What should I do?" The guard was in a difficult situation.