Chapter 1598: The Situation Has Gone Out of Control (9)

The man looked down. After his eyes adjusted, he realized that it was a 500,000 yuan cheque.

500,000! His monthly income was only 5,000, his yearly income a little more than 50,000 yuan after taxes. The cheque in his hand was equivalent to 10 years of work.

Everyone always spoke of how generous Su Yu was# It now seemed like they were right.

Su Yu got into his car and smoked three cigarettes in a row as he thought back to his conversation with Huo Mian just now.

She probably wanted Qin Chu to leave because he was in danger.

After all, Huo Siqian was brazen enough to be this blatant. He probably had countless eyes around Qin Chu. 

He definitely had the confidence to harm Qin Chu...

Plus, Qin Chu could never be as despicable as Huo Siqian. That was his only disadvantage against that bastard. 

Huo Mian knew Qin Chu too well. She needed him to go to the U.S., where Huo Siqian didn't have as much power.

He wouldn't be able to touch Qin Chu. Since it was legal to possess firearms in the U.S., Qin Chu wouldn't get into trouble even if he killed Huo Siqian.

Su Yu, knew, however, that Qin Chu wasn't going to leave. How could he leave Huo Mian alone?

So, the couple had placed Su Yu between a rock and a hard place.

Half an hour later, Su Yu arrived outside GK's headquarters.

Without permission, he went directly to the top floor. He pushed open the doors to the President's office. Assistant Yang was powerless against him.

"Boss, President Su forced his way in here. I couldn't stop him." Assistant Yang looked like he was about to cry.

"Don't worry about it. You can go back to work."

Qin Chu raised his head and glanced at Su Yu, not saying a word.

Su Yu walked over to Qin Chu's desk and leaned over, watching Qin Chu closely.

"I just saw Huo Mian."

Qin Chu's forever cold face suddenly changed to one that was full of shock.

He looked up at Su Yu...

"It was very short, I only got to see her for 10 minutes. I'll give you the short version. She's doing very well. No one has harmed her. She looked a little tired, that's all. Huo Mian told me to tell you something."


"She said that you need to leave, as soon as possible. Leave here and go to the states. Then# she'll find a way to get out and find you there."

"Not possible." Qin Chu refused without thinking.

"She knew you were going to say that so she told me to tell you something else."

"What?" Qin Chu looked at Su Yu calmly.

Su Yu took in a deep breath and turned away. Quietly, he said, "She said that she'll kill herself in prison if you don't leave."

Suddenly, Qin Chu could feel his heart wrench...

It wasn't something unexpected for Huo Mian, however. He could imagine her saying those words.

"So# I think you should leave too. Don't make her worry," Su Yu urged.

"Leave? And then what? Watch her die?" Qin Chu replied coldly.

"She's not going to die. I would never let her die. If you trust me, leave first. Once I get her out, I'll send her to the U.S to meet you."

"I'm sorry, but when it comes to her life, I don't trust anyone."

"So# you're staying?"

"Yes, no matter what." Qin Chu was even more determined.

The two were equally as stubborn. Su Yu really wanted to tie both of them up and feed them to the fishes. What bulls!

"Fine, then that's your problem. From now on, we'll use our own ways to save Huo Mian. Once she's no longer in danger, we'll get that bastard, Huo Siqian."

With that, Su Yu turned around and walked away...

"Wait!" Qin Chu called out.

"Something else?" Su Yu looked back, his glance sweeping past Qin Chu's face.

"If# one day, something happens to me and I can no longer take care of Mian# I hope that you can take care of her."

"What is this? Your last words? You're even giving me your wife?" Su Yu looked at Qin Chu in disbelief. He was truly stunned.

"Take it however you will. Anyway# that's all."

With that, Qin Chu went back to his work, disregarding Su Yu's presence.

Su Yu, on the other hand, felt like his brain was run over by a bulldozer.

He wanted to murder someone# Qin Chu drove him nuts.

- Mo Xue'er's condo -

After a heavy lovemaking session, Jiang Ye held Mo Xue'er in his arms and asked, "Baby, Huo Mian's in prison and no one knows if she's in danger. Is Huo Siqian just going to let her die?"