Chapter 1596: The Situation Has Gone Out of Control (7)

After hanging up the phone, Su Yu sighed...

He knew what he had asked of the warden was a difficult request. After all, this matter did involve Mayor Song.

So when Su Yu was on the phone with the warden, he shelled out every negotiation tactic he knew, both luring and threatening the man.

In the end, the warden was completely helpless against him, ultimately surrendering to Su Yu's request.

Of course, Su Yu had to pay a steep price as well. For this visit, he was giving up 3 billion yuan worth of loans. Plus, he agreed to promote the warden's son.

He would be in a lot of trouble if his grandpa found out. For Huo Mian, however, it was all worth it...

Su Yu tossed and turned through the night, unable to fall asleep from the excitement.

He was extremely happy that he had the chance to see Huo Mian during this critical time while no one else could.

The next morning at 8 AM, Su Yu chose a more subtle car, his Benz 600, for his trip, stopping near the facilities.

He made sure to switch cars as he was afraid to draw attention with his Lamborghini.

Once 9 AM hit, Su Yu got out of his car promptly.

For a man who loved to dress in white, he opted for a dark grey coat today.

He had on a black baseball cap and made sure that it was dragged so low that it covered his face...

"Young Master Su, my boss told me you were coming. This way."

The warden arranged for a man to bring Su Yu in through a side tunnel, soon stopping before a dark room.

"Young Master Su, because this isn't a formal visit, this is all I can provide. I'm sorry."

"It's fine."

"Also# we can only give you 10 minutes. Please hurry."

"10 minutes? That's too short." Su Yu was slightly startled.

"Young Master Su, honestly speaking, my boss is going against proper procedures this time. If anyone finds out, he will be in a lot of trouble. You should know that this place is filled with Mayor Song's men. He's watching our every move. Any mistake we make will get my boss and me into a lot of trouble."

"Alright, I understand." Su Yu nodded, afraid to waste any more time.

The man immediately opened the door to the secret room and Su Yu went in.

Huo Mian was brought into a cramped little room. She expected an interrogation and began thinking about ways to maneuver out of the situation, but was dumbfounded by the sight of Su Yu.

"Why# are you here?" Huo Mian's eyes grew wide.

"I'm here to bring you take-out," Su Yu joked.

Huo Mian was truly shocked...

She couldn't believe that someone came to visit her. Back when Qin Chu was locked up, she tried every possible way she could think of to see him, all to no avail.

It wasn't hard to imagine the efforts Su Yu put in to see her.

Because it wasn't a formal visit, there was no glass between them; it was directly face-to-face.

Sitting across from her, Su Yu's heart ached at the sight of a frail-looking Huo Mian.

"You've gotten thinner# Is the food bad?" Su Yu asked.

Huo Mian shook her head. "My meals are provided to me separately. Every meal includes four dishes and one soup. It's delicious, but I'm not that hungry. I don't eat a lot..."

"That's good# is anyone giving you a hard time?"

"No. I'm in a single cell and I don't get to leave it, so I don't have contact with any other prisoners."

"What about the prison guards?"

"They're all very nice to me."

"Did they try to force a confession out of you?"

"No." Huo Mian shook her head.

"That's good# that's good," Su Yu repeated those words twice as if he could finally calm down.

The very reason he was so anxious to see Huo Mian was because he was worried about her getting bullied.

"How did you get in?" Huo Mian asked calmly.